Perfume Aromatics Elixir: the eternal classic of Clinique

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It’s the oldest female fragrance of one of the most famous cosmetic and perfumery brands in the world. Synonymous with elegance and refinement, the perfume Aromatics Elixir by Clinique is an ode to romance and sensuality. It manages to touch our senses and spirit in a unique and inimitable way. An unconventional fragrance to be discovered that goes far beyond the typical concept of perfume.


The US cosmetic company Clinique was founded in 1968 by Estée Lauder with the aim of creating excellent hypoallergenic cosmetics capable of meeting the needs of all skin types. From makeup to complete face / body treatments, for both men and women, each product is 100% fragrance-free and undergoes rigorous tests for allergens making them perfect even for the most delicate and sensitive skin. The main innovation of this brand, however, was the “3-phase cure“. That is, that treatment system that involves the application of three different products (in order of cleaning, exfoliation and hydration) capable of acting synergistically together for an optimal result. After the cosmetic line, it was in the early seventies that Clinique also added the production of perfumes. Thus was born the Aromatics Elixir perfume.

Clinique perfumes

Respecting the same philosophy of refined purity in cosmetic products, in 1971 the first Clinique fragrance was born. The Aromatics Elixir perfume, designed by Clinique co-founder, Carol Phillips, and created by Bernard Chant’s creative nose. This was followed by the entire Happy fragrance line, recently advertised by Rihanna, and in 2007 a limited edition of the aromatic elixir. All Clinique perfumes are high quality, simple, safe and effective. Formulated to always obtain the best results against any type of allergy and irritation.

Perfume Aromatics Elixir: the timeless classic of Clinique

Profumo Aromatics Elixir di Clinique.

The eau de parfum Aromatics Elixir pour femme was a great classic from the seventies. Yet, to date, it has never stopped conquering women all over the world and of all ages. Making its way into the heart of many generations, it marked an era by becoming one of Clinique’s emblems, going down in history in the world of perfumes. Designed primarily to meet the needs of sensitive skin, with its perfect mix of romanticism, seduction and charm, it is one of the best-selling internationally renowned fragrances that has met the tastes of every woman. With a style perhaps a little too rigorous and serious, but embellished by the gold color, in the wake of its success it is a timeless classic that survives even the current trends.

Composition and olfactory notes

Aromatics Elixir perfume by Clinique.

A fragrance with a strong and strong aroma given by its ingredients from all over the world. The Aromatics Elixir perfume is a perfect combination of floral and powdery notes with woody accords. From the beginning, the floral harmony is perceived, which opens on the delicate notes of chamomile enriched by the freshness of bergamot and fragrant verbena. A heart of jasmine intoxicates with the romance of the Bulgarian rose and the sensuality of the mysterious ylang-ylang. Finally, the powdery base, with notes of incense and patchouli, lets you discover all the magic of sandalwood. All this makes it not only a floral and chypre perfume, but at the same time so refined and unforgettable capable of emphasizing the individuality of each woman.

For whom it’s suitable

The Aromatics Elixir perfume is the ideal fragrance for charming and classy women, with a modern and unconventional spirit, but characterized by an innate timeless elegance. Strong, daring, self-confident, with an individualistic side and well-developed moral integrity. If you are looking for a perfume capable of making you stand out from the crowd, Aromatics Elixir is the one for you. So enveloping and seductive that as its creator said it “incorporates luxury and pride” revealing the femininity and sensuality present in every woman. Perfect both on special occasions and in everyday life.

Where to buy Clinique perfumes

My point of reference for the online purchase of all Clinique fragrances, including the Aromatics Elixir perfume, is the Notino website. Strongly recommended not only for the wide choice of cosmetics and perfumes but also because it is intensely committed to selecting for us all the best in the sector. Only original, guaranteed and high quality products in stock and delivered as quickly as possible. 90 days for return and customer service always available from Monday to Friday. No doubt about it, this e-commerce has managed to transform beauty online shopping into a unique and unforgettable experience. Just like the Aromatics Elixir fragrance.

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