Ideal man and Pitti Uomo event

by fashionsnobber

As every self-respecting June is the moment of the Pitti Uomo event and its various proposals on the ideal man. Fashion event that made people talk, discuss, emerge or “annihilate”. In short, everything is normal. But I don’t want to stop and talk about the event per se. By now we know all there is to know and we have seen what there is to see but a reflection led me to do it. Oh yes, because for us women, the man who says it is almost fundamental, at least sexually speaking. So a rather trivial question arose if we wanted to, but I still ask it.

Does the ideal man exist?

Even as a small “thank you” to the many tales to which we were subjected, we made a more or less true of our future “perfect man” (in quotes because men are far from perfect let’s face it).
In my first 25 years I changed it and no 1234567890 kinds of tastes and ideals of Prince Charming and concluded with three key points that never and I mean NEVER I was convinced I would have given up. My possible ideal man can not have been:

  1. Scorpio.
  2. The lower or as high as me to prevent me from using heels 12.
  3. Have a FIAT (FIAT hate I can not do nothing and giustiziatemi for this).

Instead, at the end, I made the ‘amplein.

And ‘scorpion, my height, had a FIAT and I married her.

Do not worry, the heels 12 I have not given up, I just revisited my thoughts esthete in which a woman is not beautiful is higher than the companion. In practice, I’ve made a right.
Today, despite being happily married, they always kind eyes and tastes that have continued to change and most likely reciprocate in time.
So now instead of husband or boyfriend have that ideal of “lover” perfect that could literally make me lose my head. Not that I want, it is clear, it is to understand the concept.
My husband always tells me how much can not wait to come take me away.
Yeah, so he says …
I pretend to believe him of course. Without me would be lost. ; P
At all of the fair today a prototype of my ideal man would be a cross between Bruce Willis, Mark Harmon (NCIS Jethro Gibbs), Hugh Laurie (Gregory House in Dr.House), Hugo Weaving (V in V for Vendetta) and Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl).
No, not a classic Brad Pitt or Raoul Bova I am for the damned, the details, but the bad guys instill good, fools, in short, THE Strongbow!
And not fossilizzatevi on the actor per se, I am talking of the characters they play. They are the ones that I like, with that charm, that they be well outside the box and the strange beauty.
In between there was also Chris Noth (Mr. Big from Sex and the City), but he, I must be honest, in the part I had really just that I finally chose my Aidan say.
But that’s another story.
Now what it makes me think it’s the kind of man who attracts me.
Why I am attracted to assholes?
Why so am I?
Am I a masochist?
Or why if I were a man I would be so?
No, you know, is not that then unconsciously I grow my son like any of them?
I realize submit questions quite hilarious but the problem is that I make me really.
My mind is very complex. Perhaps the most complex that I would say strange.
Poor me.
Poor them.

The “man” of Pitti Uomo

That said, after Pitti Uomo I realized how much the image of the real man is being lost. The one that “has its own stink”, the hairy one and the one who dresses like a man without falling into unforgivable style errors.
Finally, as the mother of a boy, I know how difficult it is to be able to indulge in men’s clothing, but if a man like that shows up in front of me, more than making me a great sex in me, it would raise only a great, beautiful, resounding laugh.


Moschino, Pitti Uomo 88, photo by Giovanni Giannoni.

Dent de Man

Dent de Man, Pitti Uomo 88, photos by Giovanni Giannoni.

PORTS 1961

PORTS 1961, Pitti Uomo 88, photos by

And you? Do you have your ideal man prototype, maybe present at Pitti Uomo? And if so, what is it?

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Monika 25.06.2015 - 13:43

Fun Post, cool very quirky collection :)

fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:42

Almost unbelievable. ;P

Leftbankgirl 24.06.2015 - 19:49

Fun post! Perfect man? Daniel Craig, Chris Noth and George Clooney

fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:45

Daniel Craig! Yes, definitely a great cool as George Clooney.

Jackie Harrison 24.06.2015 - 14:33

Cool fashion

fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:46

These very imaginative designers. :)


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