Merry Christmas with a print calendar everything for you

by fashionsnobber

This is the fourth Christmas we celebrate together. The fourth Christmas in which I try to thank in my small way, and as I can, all my readers with a gift. This is why today comes the Snobber Calendar, a print calendar entirely designed and created by me. Typically in my style, with a minimal and functional flavor, it adapts to everyone’s monthly organizational needs. But, no more talk, let’s know it together.

Merry Christmas from Fashion Snobber

Tanti Auguri di Buon Natale.

Before downloading the print calendar, I would like to send my best wishes for Christmas.
For me it was not a great year. I have experienced an important loss, my self-esteem has lowered a little and having so many ideas has often led me to wanting to do too many without being able to concretely realize half as much.
Of course, they are typical moments of any of us because life is also this. There is no serenity 24 and 365 days a year. But I learned one more thing.
We try not to carry grudges, anger or useless hatred, they only hurt ourselves and a hypothetical revenge will never heal the wrongs or disappointments suffered. We always smile and are also kind towards our worst enemy. In this way, as malice generates malice, kindness will generate kindness.
In short, never like this year do I feel like greeting with a phrase by Anne Herbert.

“Practice kindness at random and senseless acts of beauty.”

Written in California in 1982 on a paper towel and since then it has never stopped going around the world with the hope of being able to change it for the better. Now it’s up to us.

Snobber Calendar: the print calendar to organize, plan and remember everything you want

Calendario da stampare subito e gratuitamente - Free print calendar.

I don’t have a beard, today I don’t wear a red dress but Christmas has arrived and with him my gift for you too. After blog planner, gift tags and bookmarks, here is a print calendar as, where and when you want. Organizing, planning and remembering has never been easier.
Every month you will find already marked the phases of the moon, the main holidays and the world days that you can perhaps draw on to share a post on social media when you have no ideas. Finally, there is a space dedicated to to do list, reminders and monthly notes.
Print it, bind it as you like, if you like it, share it on social media too (find me everywhere as a Fashion Snobber), and I wish you could bring you so much luck to fill it up only with beautiful projects and great successes.
This is my kind little gesture to make you my warmest and best wishes for a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Firma Luna.

Ps. I recommend, before printing the calendar, to get a good result, remember to do the cleaning and alignment of the heads to the printer.

To download and receive the #SnobberCalendar 2020 print calendar for free in PDF format, I ask you only to register at the Fashion Snobber monthly SnobLetter to be able to send you many other surprises that I have in store for you throughout the year.

Iscriviti alla SnobLetter mensile per ricevere il calendario da stampare e tante altre sorprese - Subscribe to the monthly SnobLetter to receive the print calendar and many other surprises.

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