Tired of your flowerbed? Change her style!

by fashionsnobber

Private parts have seen evolve over the years several trends of maintaining our flowerbed. Everybody knows how it was left uncultivated in the 70 until you get to a child nudity in the 2000s From nothing to too short.

The evolution of women’s pubic hair removal

Evoluzione depilazione aiuola.

But today? Today they tell us what the trends in pubic hair removal?
The other day I went to the beautician, I state never to have a great need being very lucky to be slightly hairy and have them blonde. God willing Mother Nature has been kind in something. But what about the intimate part if I want I need to tidy beautiful lass in the work force. So far, there is nothing strange. Was not this nice girl at one point he asks:
What shape we give it?
Here, imagine my expression with mega big drop manga forehead. I swear, I was not understanding and not knowing what to say, I replied:
Well, if you think you potermela turn horizontally, see you.
He laughs and begins to elencarmi a number of forms.

Tired of your flowerbed? It ‘s time to choose his style!

Yes, you got it, and it seems to be just the latest trend of the moment. All vying to have the most fashionable shape and never seen. Of course, in fact we go all around nude to show it not?
Make pubic hair in the shape of something, I assure you, whatever it is almost mandatory. As anal bleaching if you want to be “always on the piece.” Let’s talk …
I had been aware of four types of intimate hair removal. Classic, simply remove hair that come out of the slip.  French hair-shaped thin central vertical strip. Americana, hair cut in a triangle shape. And the integral, total elimination of each hair with adjoining appearance of irresistible itching and red bubbles at each rubbing her panties. Now I find myself able to think to make me, as I know, in the shape of Mickey Mouse?
I do not want the usual pain in the ass to the ancient and even tell you that is beautiful 70s and unkempt because the order first. But if I were a man and while I am going to bring me to bed a woman appears on his private parts of the hair in the shape of the shoe, or the Chanel logo or an arrow I rivestirei and I would walk away laughing. Excuse me but I was a little bit funny.
And then, let me get this straight, now when we go to the beautician we will pull out a brochure with the forms to choose like this below?

Forms for your flowerbed.

We give a form to the hairs of our flowerbed

To be honest, it would not even invented as innovative, because, if you remember, for those who watched the television series, the darling Samantha Jones in Sex and the City had shaved in the shape of lightning and colorful least ten Years ago. If he had not taken root at the time because now you?
To make matters worse in America was made a bizarre contest on our own butterfly. The world’s first on the subject but that surely will follow million, which was awarded the most beautiful vagina with a sum of $ 5,000. It was called “Miss Vagina” and to participate was enough going on vaginacontest.com site and send a photo of our beautiful butterfly wide open and totally shaved. Ladylike short.
All this well for marketing reasons. Indeed, by voting also possible from the site of the most beautiful vaginas they were scanned in 3D and then recreate sex toys with the most welcomed by our dear forms, gourmets boys. No doubt about it, success is guaranteed, the rest of you know, the best in the world contracts were signed in a bed.
Finally, I wonder, a bit of ‘we’ll see on the catwalk the different types of flowerbed bearing perhaps the Mansion logo represent? No scherzerei too, in fashion, as we all know, everything is possible.
What do you think? Succumb to this latest fad, or will on the classic?

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surbhi 05.07.2015 - 9:00

this is quite interesting .
Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/G+..Let me know !

fashionsnobber 06.07.2015 - 13:56

Thank’s, I’m glad you found this article interesting! :)


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