Quarantine Shopping: 10 things you want to have

by fashionsnobber

By now I have lost count of the days when we are all more or less facing this quarantine caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, better known as CoronaVirus. In reality it doesn’t matter, as we well know the only fundamental thing is to diligently follow the rules and stay at home as much as possible. Between a #everything willbefine and a #Istayathome, however, the desire for a little quarantine shopping is not lacking. In fact, in my being forced between four walls I realized that I wanted a few things that before, perhaps, I did not give such great importance. Masks, gloves and Amuchina aside, let’s discover them together.

10 things you will find you want when quarantine shopping

Let’s face it, thanks to online shopping temptations are not lacking but in this moment of life, mostly sedentary, we realize that we want to make purchases a little different from the usual. We may have even ignored the existence of some things, but now they seem almost indispensable to us to spend time wandering freely. The desire for quarantine shopping adapts to our new “needs” with the desire for products, more or less, really useful.

1. Nail polish dryer or semi-permanent nail kit

10 cose che ancora non sai di volere durante la quarantena.

Beauticians closed everywhere but our nails do not stop growing and we need to take care of them. For those who can’t resist being without nail polish, quarantine shopping opens its doors in search of a nail polish dryer or a DIY semi-permanent nail kit.

2. Slippers

Shopping in quarantena: 10 cose che ti accorgi di volere.

By now almost completely forgotten what shoes and heels are, take over slippers and flat to buy as instagrammable and original as possible.

3. Brewer’s yeast

Come fare lievito di birra in casa.

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen experimenting, inventing or simply cooking what we miss most of closed restaurants. Brewer’s yeast is literally snapped up, you try to look for it online for a really alternative quarantine shopping ending up discovering that it can be done safely at home. How to make brewer’s yeast at home? Soon said:


150 ml of unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beer
1 dessert spoon and a half of sugar
1 soup spoon and a half of 00 flour


  1. Shake the beer so that the yeasts in it do not remain on the bottom, then mix it in a jar or bowl with the flour and sugar until a homogeneous batter is obtained.
  2. Let the mixture obtained stand at room temperature (not in the cold) for at least 24 hours. In some cases even 12 may be enough.
  3. If the beer yeasts have worked well, the volume of the mixture will be increased and the beer yeast is ready for use.

4. Netflix or Disney +

10 cose che ti accorgi di volere durante la quarantena.

Television programming is at an all-time low and worse than that offered during the summer holidays. Between endless replicas and films of dubious plot and screenplay we begin to feel the need for a quarantine shopping made of subscriptions with Netflix or Disney Plus. Someone goes on with the free trials using all possible unimaginable emails but the drug effect is behind the corner and afterwards you can no longer do without it.

5. 10 in 1 straightener or hairdryer for hair

Quarantined Shopping: 10 Things You Know You Want.

Closed hairdressers and the despair of not being able to make a decent turn, for a selfie or a fun Tik Tok makes us immediately buy that new miraculous straightener or hairdryer to have in one fell swoop a smooth, curly, fabulous and shiny hair like never before.

6. Pajamas-suit

Shopping in quarantena: spopolano gli outfit pigiama-tuta.

The outfits become mostly home-made and become decidedly less flashy but more comfortable. For this reason, the desire for a quarantine shopping that includes new pajamas-suits, capable of making us feel appreciable and in step with the trends of the moment, rises.

7. Ring Light

Quarantined Shopping: 10 Things You Know You Want.

All this time imprisoned has literally thrown us into the hands of every possible and unimaginable social network. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc. they make us want to publish well-made contents. Online shopping makes us discover the ring light. A circular light with a stand on which to insert our smartphone that will illuminate us with the same lights as the D’Urso for shots and videos in which we will look perfect and yes, even with 10 years less.

8. Interactive robot

Vector robot.

After exasperating all our pets with forced exits or hilarious videos to be published on social networks they now run away as soon as they see us. Quarantine shopping leads us to discover interactive robots. Cute and nice they are able to entertain us by breathing our dogs and cats.

9. Gamer chair

Sedia poltrona gamer rosa.

Smart working places us mainly sitting in front of a monitor and in the long run we realize that sitting does not help us maintain a correct posture causing us those annoying pains a bit from all sides. It is here that quarantined shopping leads us to the desire to buy a nice comfortable and ergonomic gamer chair. Until now bound to nerdy personalities, it is experiencing new, never thought of, locations.

10. Set of sheets

Shopping in quarantena: 10 cose che ti accorgi di volere.

Finally, with the advent of the #quarantinepillowchallenge and the spamming outfits with cushions, bedspreads and sets of sheets worthy of note, quarantine shopping leads us to want new ones, more beautiful and capable of being worn very well by those who feel the new Ferragni of the situation. It no longer matters the brand, it only matters how you wear them.

Having said that, I just have to wish you a good shopping at the time of the quarantine but first tell me yours, what did you buy different from the usual in this period?

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