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Hundreds of fashion blogs are born, grow and die every day. How to manage to extricate oneself in the myriad of those who instead remain selecting only the best hypothetical? With a beautiful ranking fashion blogger.

Ranking Italian fashion blogger

Classifica fashion blogger.

And so you fell there, too, no ranking fashion blogger, blog influencers or anyone who believes that, I’m sorry.
Every month the anxieties, the controversies, the hopes, the achievements of a dream or the depression, the tears and the envy of who has not succeeded us. These blessed rankings related to Italian fashion bloggers (and others) become the center of the world whenever they are drafted.
Now, most of my readers are convinced that I’m new to the web, so what the hell am I going to talk about a topic I can’t possibly know anything about since I don’t return (rightly and fortunately) in any ranking and I certainly can’t know the mechanism?
Well, I’ll tell you a secret …
Never stop at an initial idea because it may be wrong. Go beyond. Because there is always something beyond.
At appearances we are all good as we are at making the best fashion blogs decide by relying on a site for alleged statistics visits. It is a matter of a moment. Enter the domain and the chart that shows you everything appears. Too bad that in reality only Google Analytics linked to the domain in question can reveal everything about a site. So you’re believing in rankings based on fried air. Having said that, but damn it, do you need to do all these tragedies?

Italian Ranking fashion blogger and not only free and various insults malice

On some sites I read rather absurd comments. Free spirits. Veiled insults for not being banned but with a very clear address and meaning. People clinging to brain-damaged reasons and I wonder if you are there or you do it in general? Are these the serious problems you have? Your first thought in the morning? Does your joy of having a blog really make it appear in a ranking fashion blogger based on computerized statistics with a logarithm that can change one day and the other as well? Do you really think your blog could be penalized because it doesn’t appear? Excuse me, but if this is your way of thinking here there is no place for you. Please move on, but far beyond.

There are no fashion blog that do not work

There are only targets of wrong readers, to which we do not arrive as we would like or we are wrong to not know how to transmit. Blogs are born primarily as diaries, because you want to tell about our life, a passion, an event or what we want for the sheer enjoyment of doing it or to teach and recommend something we are well versed in. To meet new people to confront, or simply to read… You got it right, I repeat it and I beat it better…
Yes, reading that someone because he has something to say and maybe from that something you can learn. As from a criticism. Why not? Why not?

The rankings to what extent do they dictate law within you?

All this to tell you that yes, there seems to be a ranking fashion blogger can lay down the law, but Google and the like do not reward people, they reward data, numbers, words, not you, not who you really are or your values.
So I ask you, do you want to be numbers or do you want to get to readers for what you are as real people, with a heart, a brain, feelings and feelings?
Then maybe you opened a blog just to earn easy money and then, to such an extent, inevitably, the numbers are your obsession otherwise the brands won’t even consider you if you pray. Personally I love reading people, what they think, they have to say, to defend, to report, I don’t like looking at photos in sequence of girls in fake models poses with 3 words in cross taken from a book or a song. I’m bored. I return the visit, I am a polite and kind person, but I have nothing to say, nothing to talk about, they become chant comments. Both for me and for you. Fashion can be told in millions of ways, in millions of different stories not only in photos and credits. And the best of content, trust me, don’t make the numbers, but make them the ones with readers happy to read them, not just look at them.

More fashion blog and fashion blogger to read not to admire

Once you admire what you leave? A thought? Message? Teaching? Maybe there is, but if you don’t explain it and tell a person how does it get there? Reading you in virtual thought?
Excuse me, it will be my limitation but I don’t understand it. I need black words on white to find out. The images help but I can interpret them in a completely different way than the other 100 readers if you don’t direct us towards a meaning.
I opened this fashion blog recently, it’s true, I come from a different sector and when I announced my change you know what they told me?
But Lu! You are not so stupid and superficial!
Here, that statement was my starting point, the one that made me say “YES, I DO IT“.
Now think about it on why that statement is about how fashion bloggers are viewed in general.
But the one that loses us the most is fashion, not so much the aforementioned fashion bloggers. And fashion is one of our passions right? So why should we allow it to be associated on the web with superficial idiots?
This has pushed me to open this space, I don’t want to have the presumption to tell you that my method is right or it will be the solution, but I’m trying to be different, I myself am swinging in the contents, you see it well, sometimes I tell myself , sometimes I talk lightly, sometimes I go into more detail, sometimes I cut and scratch with words, other times I still talk about fashion as I studied it at university centuries ago. It depends, everything my mood does, my time available, what can have happened to me or a simple idea.

I do it on my blog

Brands do not do it by telling me what to write or who to talk to, not even criticizing me. I will always know to say no if an article is not in my style or my taste. I have the right to choose and I don’t want to lose it by creating tinsel with a “I take everything, everything is beautiful, everything is good“. I have to do my blog, the constant hope of appearing or arriving who knows where. If I get to my dream of seeing a Ralph Lauren show well, if I don’t get it, I have a fucking perfect life, I like it the way it is and I have other things to think about to make it complicated by who? From what? From a ranking fashion blogger? In practice, from nothing. Because in fact these rankings are nothing, they only serve to make a bit of publicity and to make you quarrel among you, insult you and then comment on “my love you are very beautiful” and the funny thing is that you think nobody notices.

Ranking fashion blogger, let’s take them with a smile

Let us remember well that the web is vast but it is like the world and the whole world is a country.
Think about it, and make a nice big laugh at the next fashion blogger ranking. Whether you are there or you are not there. Rejoice for the top spots instead of ranting them against. Being happy for someone does not harm your health. Listen to me. Nothing personal these words, let’s be clear, are just a kind of dispassionate advice born of a thought. Very free to judge me as you wish.
I forgot, the real life is the one out there, not the one in here or on social media. Let us remember it well and always, in the mirror we look at ourselves not the others and no ranking fashion blogger & co.

I greet citandovi the words of one of the last songs of J-AX. In my view perfectly summarize the whole concept I expressed.
…That’s when you saw the world from the top, after, you’re trapped in the TOP, like a rat…Not always a successful man is a man of value…

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