Instagram Recap: the best of the first year in 10 photos

by fashionsnobber

The summaries of Fashion Snobber continue. Promised, this is the last one but I certainly could not ignore the most acclaimed or disparaged social media as appropriate. My first Instagram recap. Not even 200 photos in a year. Very few, I know, I have to improve and I can do it. Okay, I put this as next good purpose along with those of the diet hoping not to make him end badly.

Instagram: my content chooses privacy

There are those who support Instagram are becoming more important than the blogs themselves and those who continue not to want to have much to do by updating it when it happens. Like me. Do not misunderstand me. I like it. It is nice to be able to express yourself only through photos but not being a person who loves to share 24/7 and his facts to me to post selfies or what I eat or where I am at any time of my days is very difficult. It’s useless. I maintain a clear distinction between personal privacy and what I want to make public. I keep my facts remain so. Simply this. And not because I have to hide but basically I’m not an extroverted person as it seems, but rather reserved. If I can upload a photo every day every now and then it’s a godsend. Also because I don’t like sharing material is not my work. I do not perceive the meaning and it is not for me. I am hurt, have patience.
But it seems many job opportunities come from Instagram. Especially if you have followers and likes. Obviously bought but a lot nobody checks. Belen buys them too eh, and given that if one throws herself in the ditch, many of them go after her, it is a more than valid justification, isn’t she?

Instagram Recap: the best of the first year of Fashion Snobber

However today I am not here to analyze the social per se. It has already been done in another article where I explain how Instagram works. Today we honor the 10 most popular photos so far in my profile. Excluding the two most popular ever and momentarily tied. A Pan di Stelle breakfast and a flat lay with Tiffany & Co boxes. Agree?

Best flat lay Instagram photo.

Now let’s start with the Instagram recap ordered from the most popular onwards. Where there are two is because there is an equal merit of like. At least until now.

Miglior Instagram selfie.

Tiffany & Co flat lay.

Parigi sotto Natale.

Foto flat lay di moda.

Recap Instagram.

Instagram coffee flat lay.

Chanel beauty flat lay.

Relax sul Lago di Como.

Migliori flat lay su Instagram.

Ufficio blogger.

In this first Instagram recap I admit that there are very few of my favorites. I don’t like some of these so much. Preferring to make the main protagonists of this space the tastes of my followers, however, I do not object. Obviously, let me know if another one has remained impressed to you, which the web has not honored.

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