How to recognize an original O bag

by fashionsnobber

Super light, customizable, cheap and now of any shape and size are one of the latest trends in fashion bags. Yes, I’m talking about them, the O bags. Born in Padua in 2009 and now become omnipresent, they open shops in almost every where and precisely because they are so easy to find you run the risk of buying an unauthentic article. How to recognize an original O bag from an imitation? In this post I will try to explain as simply as possible how to make sure of their originality.

How to recognize an original O bag in 4 steps

How to recognize original O bag.

The most immediate and simple thing to do is certainly to compare our model with the same present on the official website of the brand. At a glance you can already understand if it is an original O bag or clearly counterfeit. Unfortunately, however, the imitations are getting closer to reality and from the photos it is not so easy to trace the truth. Having said that, we must move on to a more detailed check keeping these 4 steps in mind:

  1. The logo. In an original O bag, the logo is always exactly in the center of the bag and is stamped on the rubber like an incision or embroidered in relief ton sur ton.
  2. The seams. On the side of the bag there are pseudo seams to indicate where the particular plastic material was worked to close it and give it the desired shape.
  3. XL Extralight®. All O bag models are made of this expanded plastic material which makes them resistant, flexible, waterproof, easy to clean and above all allows them to never lose their original shape.
  4. Dust-bag. When we purchase any model of O bag, it is delivered to us in its dust-bag bearing the brand logo.

Classic O bag model

To recognize the classic model of an original O bag, we can also rely on the customizable body sizes. Exactly 31 cm in height, 39 cm in width and 14 cm in depth. Finally, the cost of this piece is always and everywhere around 38-40 euros. Having fixed and imposed prices they cannot vary too much, with the exception of the outlets, and if we find a body for less or too much, it is absolutely not original.

How to recognize original accessories

As for the accessories of an original O bag, it is difficult to say for each type which is original and which is less. They are an infinity and of very different types. In principle we can still proceed as follows:

  • O bag handles. The brand’s brand is always present, in some models it can be imprinted in the center as in the body, in others located near where they are attached to the body. The seams always tend to be in color with the color or the pattern. Just as it is necessary to note every time we want to recognize an original bag from a fake.
  • Inner bag. The inner bag, called Canvas, bears the O bag label generally located on the side and the seams tend to always be ton sur ton or in any case in chroma with the colors of the fantasy.
  • Borders O bag. The edges of the O bags also have the brand label inside them and if they have a zipper it is stamped on the puller of the cursor.
  • Flaps. In the city bag models in which we can customize the upper flap, the logo is engraved on the closure clip.

Where to buy original O bag

If we want an original O bag without taking any kind of risk, we must contact only the brand’s official retailers or stores. In their outlets, such as the one in Fidenza Village, temporary shop, or online on their namesake website. Absolutely doubtful sites never heard before. The risk of finding a bogus piece is there. Doing a search on the internet to make sure the store closest to us is an excellent solution but in my opinion relying totally on the official website is even better because we will have a greater and wider choice of each of their items to customize.

To conclude, I leave some images of the most popular main model to visually facilitate the possibility of recognizing or not recognizing an original article from an imitation.


Scocca o body Obag.


Sacche interne originali Obag.


Manici borse Obag originali.


How to recognize original O bag.

In addition to the bags, this brand also produces watches, glasses and slippers all characterized by the XL Extralight® material. To date, the O bag brand has no half measures, or you love it or hate it just like the Cruciani bracelets. Which side are you on?

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Fashionably Idu 27.04.2017 - 5:07

Thanks for these tips on spotting an original. Good to know.

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Great tips on spotting an original. Wow, nice!

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Ottimi consigli! Si vedono tantissime O bag in giro…

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Carine 16.09.2015 - 12:13

Great tips on how to spot an original bag! Thanks for sharing!


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