How to recognize an original luxury bag

by fashionsnobber

Turning to the various fashion blogs on the net, I realized how unfortunately a fake bag from an original luxury bag is used. Obviously just to be envied and not really to talk or enhance the product. The first thing that comes to mind is:

If you wear something fake you may be a bit fake too.

I already tolerate little imitations that “take their cue from“, let alone a duplicate created with the intent to tease. But you know, fashion is also always copying and repeating something from the past. By now there is very little to invent and the genius on the subject is equally rare. For this reason today I have decided to explain how to recognize an original It-Bag from a beautiful and good imitation.

How to recognize an original luxury bag from an imitation

Remember that every original luxury bag:
– Buy in the brand’s store of the same name or on the official website.
– Has a serial number.
– It has its dust-bag in fabric of a precise color. Rarely changed over the years and is monogrammed, that is, it has the maison’s logo.
– They have perfect seams without any manufacturing defects, without wires that come out or hang outside as well as inside.
– Look at the SPI numbers (stitches per inch) of the seam. The more points there are the more it identifies high quality work.
– If they present logos or letters as a monogram fantasy they are always perfectly aligned in horizontal and never oblique or cut except in very rare cases.
– The logos inserted on internal or external tabs are engraved and never printed.
– They must have “Made in Italy” or “Made in France” according to the house. Impossible to find a “Made in Paris” or similar.
– They never have the price tag attached.
Entering, instead, in the specific of the main fashion houses and proceeding in alphabetical order, in addition to the unequivocal points mentioned above there are other tricks to distinguish an original luxury bag from a no.

Learn to recognize an original luxury bag from a fake according to the brand


How to recognize an Chanel original luxury bag.

– When is a model that presents processing argyle these are slightly convex and in the case of 2:55 will always be an odd number.
– The identification code is composed of up to 8 digits.
– The logo with the double C must have the two points of intersection thus formed: the upper one has the right C that passes over to the left, while the lower has left the C which passes over to the right one.
– 2:55 In the model the inside of the bag is always burgundy, only in some vintage models you can find it black.
– Seams in chroma with the color of the bag, never more clear contrast.


How to recognize an Fendi original luxury bag.

– Hologram ever present security.
– Printed code on a strip of leather sewn inside.
– Internal Card logoed Fendi on which are present the original luxury bag market code, materials, fabrics and color.
– Exclusively “Made in Italy”.


How to recognize an Gucci original luxury bag.

– Each model of bag has the same serial number usually inserted into an inner plate.
– Card Controller certifying quality control.
– Logo design on the latest models has the G 2 that intersect at two points as in the Chanel and at the top is the right G to be on while the bottom is the left G.
– The logo used for monogram handbags are rather like two G precise equidistant that absolutely must not look like two 6.
– Color of the Gucci original luxury bag stitching is never in conflict with the color of the bag but always in the shade. If you see with clearer seams it is a fake guaranteed.


Hermès Kelly & Birkin luxury bags.

For Kelly and Birkin models.
– Both It-Bags are well laid out but do not remain rigid as boulders, while not losing their original form are soft but not collapse in on themselves.
– It must be always the kibble, which is the string to which are attached the keys, and the lock with a slight central bulge has the engraving “H” perfectly centered.
– Keys and padlock impacted the numbers must match perfectly.
– The engraving of the logo color (Hermes Paris Made in France) is equal to that of the metal parts of the model, ie, golden brass then gold then silver or palladium, with a glossy finish that reflects light.
– Inside and outside of the bag have the same color.

Louis Vuitton

How to recognize an Louis Vuitton original luxury bag.

– It has the date code that refers to the period of manufacture and the type of the bag.
– For models such as the Speedy, the Keepall or Papillon one side of the bag has the monogram overturned because they are created with a single piece of canvas.
– The Louis Vuitton original luxury bag leather change color with the passage of time and use. Already after a few weeks it can be seen from a very light beige becomes increasingly dark honey.


How to recognize an Prada original luxury bag.

– The lining of a Prada original luxury bag is color with the exterior color of the bag and should have the word “Prada” written horizontally and repeatedly embroidered alternating from rope design that recalls the design of the logo when it is structured with the oval frame around, which it is, precisely, a rope.
– Metal Label inside certifying the Made in Italy.
– The “R” of the Prada logo has a recess in his right leg and the “A” has the second slightly longer leg.
– Metal triangle with logo lettering applied to the surface of the bag.

I hope to be helpful with this short guide on how to recognize an original It-Bag by false.

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itgirlbyeleonorapetrella 04.06.2015 - 12:13

Grazie mille per i suggerimenti, è importante!


fashionsnobber 07.06.2015 - 11:35

Niente, figurati! :*


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