How to recognize an original Pandora jewelry

by fashionsnobber

After having spoken of how to recognize an original Return to Tiffany jewel, an It-Bag and an O bag in many have written to me asking how to recognize even an original Pandora jewelry. So I thought I would do first to write a theme post to give any definitive answer.

The silver jewelry Pandora

Pandora is a Danish brand that creates hand-finished jewelery and markets them worldwide. Despite having very affordable prices and to its great popularity is not immune to those looking for every way to copy it. Then verify the originality of a Pandora jewelry is crucial to not find himself wearing false. Let’s see how to unmask the fake in 5 moves.

5 ways to recognize an original Pandora jewelry

1. Where to buy Pandora jewelry

First the Pandora jewelry can not be found anywhere. Just to ensure their exclusivity can be purchased ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY on the online shop Official Pandora (, in single-brand stores or at selected dealerships jewelers. Any other type of website or store you’re definitely selling a fake.

2. The Pandora bag

The Pandora jewelry is ALWAYS sold and delivered in a cardboard shopper. This occurs outside white with the brand name engraved in relief and black. Inside, it is dark studded with a pink motif with the O with crown and at the bottom there is an inscription in cursive “Thank you“. The handles are black rope and more bag has two central pink ribbons to close.

3. The box Pandora

One or more Pandora jewelery, at the time of delivery to the customer are always placed in a white box pockmarked. It presents the brand name engraved in relief ton sur ton and if it is a gift should be wrapped in a pink satin ribbon or red at Christmas time. The inside of the box is lined with black velvet fabric type and shows the top of the brand name in silver.

4. Certificate of Authenticity Pandora

Another thing you should not miss is the “Certificate of Authenticity” compiled on the day of purchase by the jeweler who sold the product. This, in addition to make to guarantee and assure the authenticity of the jewel, also serves to provide all the information necessary to take care of it. Ie how to clean it, polish it and so on.

5. Engravings on Pandora jewelry

Finally, what never fails, especially on Pandora charms, are two small incisions that bear the words “ALE” and “S 925“. The first means Algot Endevoldsen and is the name of the founder of the brand father. The second column gives the gem material, ie the silver sterling 925. These two engravings are a further guarantee of absolute authenticity. In the case in which they are in a different way shows you are definitely absent or in front of a false jewel Pandora.

Below some pictures of the last Pandora charms that gave me to show you what is written above. I hope to be helpful this time and if you have further questions about that I write me.

Gioielli Pandora - Pandora jewelry.

Come riconoscere un gioiello Pandora originale - How to recognize an original Pandora jewelry.

Charms Pandora.

Original charms Pandora.

5 modi per riconoscere un gioiello Pandora originale - 5 ways to recognize an original Pandora jewelry.

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