5 ways to recognize a jewel Return to Tiffany original

by fashionsnobber

The Return to Tiffany jewelery collection by Tiffany & Co. remains one of the most sold and sought after in the world. For several years now he has offered unmissable items and it is always easier to stumble into any kind of imitation or fake. Unfortunately I have often seen fakes worn with bravado and you know how much I personally hate this kind of thing. Rather than show off any non-original item and risk going on tarot then I prefer to give it up without any problem. After all, what’s wrong with not being able to have everything we want? Is it not good? At least we will always have a desire to try to realize that it can push us to do better to try to reach it.

5 ways to recognize an original jewel Return to Tiffany from a fake one

1. Purchase it in official shops

Buy the Return to Tiffany jewel always and only in the stores or on the official website of the brand. In the case it is a gift, it must be in the Tiffany color-matched paper bag (that is, the inimitable seawater / sky blue color that distinguishes this brand). He must have white rope handles and the central logo engraved in black with the inscription “Tiffany & Co.”. The bag can be smooth or pockmarked depending on the location of the store (for example in Paris they gave me pockmarked while in Milan and Florence smooth).

2. Pay attention to the little box that encloses

The box containing a Return to Tiffany jewel is pockmarked and never completely smooth. Same color as the bag and bears the brand logo engraved in black. Not all uppercase, not all tiny and not all attached but exactly “Tiffany & Co.“. Around the little box there is always a white satin bow with a thickness of 2 cm except under Christmas which can also be red. The shape of the box is who claims it exists perfectly square but as far as my experience is concerned I have never seen it. Rather they are more or less clearly rectangular.

3. Pay attention to the velvet bag inside the can

The inside of the box containing a Return to Tiffany jewel presents itself with a velvet bag that perfectly matches the size of the box. It can be a sachet with contours sewn in white for smaller jewels, or a bag with string laces for larger ones. Both have the black “Tiffany & Co.” logo and are the same color as the box. Under the bag containing the jewel there is white foam. Sometimes there may also be a card that recommends how to take care of our new silver jewelery but nothing more. No serial number, cleaning cloths or certifications of any kind. If there are, it’s a fake.

4. The pendant must bear engraved the words “©T&Co.AG925”

Each pendant from the Return to Tiffany collection has the words “©T&Co.AG925” on the back or on the buttonhole that binds it to the chain or bracelet except for the small blue colored or pink colored heart cases (unfortunately in photos you don’t see well but the big blue heart has the incision on the buttonhole both forward and backward.

5. Must have the bearing engravings “©Tiffany&Co.” And “AG925”

Each chain or bracelet, be it a ball, chain or classic link, has a round plate (or oval in the case of small neck chains) near the closure engraved with “©Tiffany&Co.” On one side and “AG925” on the side other.

Tiffany & Co original jewelry packaging.

Come riconoscere packaging originale gioielli Tiffany & Co.

Paris original packaging Tiffany & Co.

Interior of the original Tiffany & Co. jewelry packaging.

Return to Tiffany collection original jewelry.

How to recognize an original Tiffany&Co. heart pendant

Entering into the specific of the heart pendant of the Return to Tiffany collection with a lot of variety left and right, we can say that hearts have only one shape that never changes despite the different sizes and colors. The writing is presented without imperfections and is made up of a capital “PLEASE RETURN TO” in the upper part, “Tiffany & Co.” in the central part of the heart, “NEW YORK” upper case immediately below and “925” further down. In the latest versions, instead, there is the writing PLEASE RETURN TO, under Tiffany&Co. and below still abbreviated NYC. On the back instead there is ©Tiffany&CoAg925.
The fakes also tend to be very light compared to the weight of the silver and they shine. Yes, but too much and certainly not its own light. Remember that silver tends to get scratched, dirty and darken over time so it’s impossible to shine for months. They offer inaccurate writings, too large or too small. As far as this collection is concerned, the only thing that is released as a guarantee is the blue folder containing the receipt.
Other useful information is that Tiffany does not make balances, discounts, has outlets around who knows where. Let’s face it, he doesn’t need it and doesn’t offer his articles in stores or online shops where they sell them. You will not find them on a street market stall or in any country fair let alone trust those profiles on Instagram where they pull them back.
Conclusion? Go to their official stores and you’ll never go wrong. You are the best so demand it.

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