Red hair: the 5 most glamorous shades to choose

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Today we return to talk about beauty woman by facing a flashback on our hair. I’m talking about red hair, a symbol of rebellion, transgression and feminine sensuality par excellence. Ideal color for those women who are determined and with a strong self-assured character. This year the hair fashion imposes flaming reflections playing with all shades of red. Color that perfectly matches any type of cut. But who are good red hair? Unfortunately they do not give to everyone and they are not an easy color to wear. For example, an Irish red is not suitable for those with a dark complexion, as well as a purple red, is not suitable for those with a very light complexion. If we are not lucky enough to have the characteristic of rutilism before choosing our next color, it is therefore important to understand which red suits us best.

Red hair: the 5 most glamorous nuances and which to choose

Do not worry, if you want to dye your hair red by following the trends of the moment there is an ideal red for all. Just keep in mind the natural color of our hair, skin, and eyes. If we have clear skin and eyes all the shades of the most natural red hair as possible, like irish, copper and tiziano are perfect. On the other hand, if we have a dark or olive complexion, aim for more intense and intense shades like mahogany and purple red is the best choice. Finally, it may also be useful to consider the current season. In winter, colors like mahogany and violet red are preferable, while in summer those are more clear and natural that easily shine in the sun.

Mahogany red

Mahogany red hair.


Intense nuance particularly suited to the browns/blackberries that are very close to reflections. Substantially donates almost all but is preferable with a subdued of cold skin in order to immediately give more personality and charm to the whole figure.

Natural red or Irish red

Capelli rosso naturale o rosso irlandese.


Red hair coloration that gives particularly to those with very light skin, with pink or slightly amber undertones, and with light or brown eyes. It immediately gives sweetness and femininity. It should be avoided if we have very dark, olive-like skin and tending to a yellow undertone. Perfect to do on natural hair from blond to brown.

Copper red

Copper red hair.


As with Irish, copper red is also ideal for blondes and light-colored brunette with an ethereal and sophisticated look. It is also fine for those with dark eyes and medium skin with a golden undertone. Remember, however, that copper is a little odious to eliminate so if you are not convinced, opt for another type of shade.

Dark red

Capelli rosso scuro.


Tending more to a true red hair that the dark brown remains very similar to mahogany and in practice the same measures apply. Give all the dark browns and blackberries and should be avoided for those with a subdued warm skin.

Titian red

Titian red hair.


It is a cross between dark red and natural. Undoubtedly the nuance of the most refined and elegant red that is there and, listen, listen, give to all. If you are therefore in doubt about one color rather than another with the red Titian you can not go wrong. Will this be why it is also the most requested and sold color?

These are the 5 shades of red hair color more glamorous, chic and fashionable of all time but I can not mention two others, much more artificial, but at the same time so fashion not to go unnoticed.

Fire red

Capelli rosso fuoco.


Non-natural and entirely artificial red hair coloring to be used with caution. Suitable for those who have a face without imperfections because with this nuance immediately jump to the eye and, in my opinion, I see it indicated for those who have sweet but firm features. It is usually chosen by women of strong character who must transmit rebellion feeling the need to get out of the box.

Red purple or aubergine

Purple red hair.


Another totally artificial color that does not exist in nature but that has its beauty because. Give to those who have an undertone of cold skin and is not recommended on a light blond as the starting color.

And now that you have surely found your perfect red, all you have to do is proceed. In this regard, I point out the products Testanera and I suggest you follow their advice on how to dye your hair red. It is one of the biggest cosmetic products brands in the world and they have never disappointed me making me always get the result I aspired to. A guarantee of professionalism with 120 years of experience to rely on with closed eyes.

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