Return children to Gardaland

by fashionsnobber

Gardaland, the most famous playground #1 in Italy located on the shores of Lake Garda.
And since he was born dribble di Sole I wanted him there and come back, too. I expected her almost 5 years and especially the achievement of his meter and twenty otherwise many attractions could not do them. Thus, the week of August when here is filled with the worst existing tourism, we fled to Milan. Beautifully deserted, empty, silent. A dream and the next day we went to Gardaland. E ‘literally crazy, resisted until closing wanting to do everything and more and the most important thing for me is that we have made happy. including parents. Let’s face it, it’s an amusement luna park that entertains everyone with no age exceptions.

10 reasons to return children to Gardaland

1. Excellent quality price and numerous offers available according to our needs.
2. Always new attractions to try, some old is updated, change and adapt to the times or the novelty of the moment. The attractions do not pay, only if you want to jump the queue if it is too long.
3. The food is good in all respects and not themed dining.
4. Extremely friendly staff, helpful and smiling even with those who do not deserve it. A dowry of a few places in the world.
5. It’s a safe park for us and our children. Equipped with everything.
6. Every corner is clean and attention to detail.
7. The roller coaster. All 7 and how many are in their different types.
8. The various “worlds” theme. Even just walking from one to the other you seem to be magically transported into different realities to discover and live it.
9. We return kids, have fun, and for a day the carefree host.
10. It’s Gardaland! When we go back?

5 tips to live it the best Gardaland

1. If you go with children make sure they are at least 1,20 m high or they can do a few attractions. Do not think you to be clever because they control at every entrance.
2. Avoid peak periods, if you can opt for working days or when you know that all Italians will be elsewhere. Purchase tickets on the internet is already a great shortcut to the initial row.
3. Comfortable clothing, backpack or fanny pack, sneakers and a quick change in case you get wet too much water features.
4. Download the map of the park the day before and marked the path you want to do. In a day if you well organized you can make all your favorite games. Yes, even twice.
5. Clear mind from all mange and have fun without thinking about anything. Children can go back, enjoy it, we deserve it all.

I will not recommend attractions to do because it is subjective and goes to various tastes as well as their fears. At first they have to try and then select them all in time. Defects? Guys, just one. I have never had so much fun! LOL!

Tunnel ingresso Gardaland

Prezzemolo Magic Village Gardaland

Mondo Fantasy Gardaland

Albero di Prezzemolo, Gardaland

Cascate Gardaland

Fiori Gardaland

Sequoia Adventure Gardaland

Angoli di Gardaland

Piazza Souk Gardaland

Gardaland, Fuga da Atlantide

Blue Tornado Gardaland

Leccornie Gardaland

Snobber Family a Gardaland

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