How to keep Return to Tiffany jewels sparkling

by fashionsnobber

As I mentioned a while ago I went to Tiffany&Co to do some shopping. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love Tiffany? Don’t expect a mega brilliant of several carats. I’m not the type. In the sense, I would also be the type, God forbid. Given the times, however, I would keep it in a safe for life for a mad fear to be stolen or lose it. Basically I prefer jewels that more or less everyone can afford them. Always trying not to fall into those seen and seen models.

Return to Tiffany by Tiffany & Co

Tiffany jewelry.

The Return to Tiffany collection is undoubtedly the most successful in terms of access. Of course, even on this I have my thoughts and my way of dealing with it. I remain convinced that any product that is temporarily in fashion can be able to find those items that are a little less seen and perhaps, in the long run, capable of tiring a little less. I also recommend you to buy them exclusively original relying on the online shop or the official physical stores of the brand.
In this period I am attached with bracelets. So far I had necklaces and pendants and now I felt the need to wear Tiffany even on my wrist. Obviously I didn’t want the chain one with the heart engraved but in my head I wanted it with a big blue heart on a different type of bracelet. Among the various possibilities available there was the small ball bracelet with a small blue heart, another with larger balls with an engraved silver heart or a large blue heart, however, on the chain bracelet. Undecided until the end on the first two I took both cutting the bull’s head. The smaller one, I must be honest, was a gift from my husband. He saw me so indecisive and suffering that in order not to remain an eternity inside the shop he took it and ruled with a “take the other one“. I love it when it goes like this. I feel an authentic genius of evil.

Braccialetti Return to Tiffany.

How to clean silver jewelry

The jewels of the Return to Tiffany collection are almost all in silver and you know, using silver tends to become black and become opaque, so you have to know how to take care of them in order to make them shine for as long as possible. In this regard I use two products from the Argentil line with which I am very well. Precisely the Argentil jewels and the Argentil silver polish in cream for the silverware of the house.

How to clean silver jewelry.

The practical and fast procedure that involves the use of the first product is very easy. In practice it is a liquid immersion treatment specific for our jewels which, after having been left to soak for 5 minutes, gives them their original brilliance. If it is necessary to clean them thoroughly, you can use the toothbrush supplied and then rinse them thoroughly. Otherwise, two other alternatives are to use toothpaste or Cif. Below you will find the photo tutorials with the final result. They look new.

Tutorial come pulire gioielli d'argento.

Return to Tiffany collection.

Ring and pendant with pierced heart are from the Elsa Peretti collection for Tiffany. I highly recommend it to those who love or are looking for a slightly different design.

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Leftbankgirl 30.07.2015 - 22:11

Gorgeous! I love the hearts! Tiffany is an amazing brand

Lenya 30.07.2015 - 21:14

You have a gorgeous Tiffany collection, girl. Thx for the practical cleaning tips.


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