FOREO BEAR: the pocket personal trainer for your face

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Never as in this bizarre and fluctuating last year, between bans and permits, has the need arose in us to take directly home the facial treatments that we used to do in wellness centers. One of them is to properly massage and tone all the facial muscles of the face and neck. The new FOREO BEAR device fulfills this need by allowing us an intelligent and targeted facial toning with microcurrent technology. Let’s get to know it better and in more detail based on what I have personally tested so far.


Recensione nuovo dispositivo per ginnastica facciale FOREO BEAR.

In a few simple words FOREO BEAR is a smart facial trainer capable of relaxing like a massage and toning like a workout. How does he do it? By developing a personalized face workout routine. Combining several advanced microcurrent treatments with T-Sonic™ pulsations in complete safety and security guaranteed by the patented Anti-Shock System™. Simply by passing the metal spheres over the skin of the face, the production of collagen is facilitated, the elastin is stimulated and the face tightens. All this leads to a more radiant, toned and visibly rejuvenated skin in a short time.

As did

Come è fatto FOREO BEAR.

The FOREO BEAR facial gymnastics device is immediately recognizable for its modern, clean Swedish design and ergonomic shape that allows it to perfectly follow the natural curves of our face. It has a horizontal oval body where in the upper part there are two metal spheres that resemble the ears of a bear. In the front there is the brand logo, in the back the power button and on the right side the hole for USB charging. It is made of silicone and is totally waterproof so as to make it easily washable under running water.

How to use

To use FOREO BEAR for the first time, we must connect it to the FOREO smartphone application via Bluetooth, proceeding as follows:

  • Download the FOREO app.
  • Activate the Bluetooth signal of the smartphone.
  • Open the FOREO application and if you do not already have an account, create one.
  • At the top left of the main screen, click on “Add device” and select the FOREO BEAR model in our possession.
  • Press the power button for 5 seconds to connect the device to the application.

At this point, with the face and neck perfectly cleansed and dry, we proceed with the facial massage and the real face firming treatment.

  1. Open the FOREO app.
  2. Select your FOREO BEAR device.
  3. In the screen that has opened, select “Treatments” and press on “Start treatment”.
  4. Choose whether or not to activate the pulsation and which microcurrent intensity we prefer.
  5. Click on “Start”.
  6. Apply FOREO Serum Serum Serum on all areas to be treated and massage until completely absorbed.
  7. Slide FOREO BEAR on face and neck following the movements of the tutorial in the app. Remember to always keep both balls in contact with the skin.
  8. At the end of the treatment, turn off the device by holding down the power button for 3 seconds. Then wash it with soap and water and dry it with a cloth.

! FOREO BEAR must always be used in combination with a previously correctly applied conductive serum or gel.

Why it works

The microcurrent technology with adjustable intensity mimics the natural processes of our body while the T-Sonic™ pulsations reaching deep through the pores of the skin promote circulation, the elimination of toxins and relieve facial tension. Finally, the real resistance of the skin to electricity is verified with the Anti-Shock System™ and the integrated sensors automatically change its intensity. All this makes FOREO BEAR products the most effective and safe in the world.

The result

Over time, the over 65 muscles of the face and neck tend to lose their tone. With FOREO BEAR’s intelligent facial training, you can tone your face using a targeted firming treatment in just 2 minutes and a half. Basically it brings us comfortably to our home the same results of the treatments present in spas for a more compact and luminous facial skin.

FOREO BEAR review and personal opinion

Recensione personale nuovo dispositivo FOREO per rassodare e tonificare il viso.

With the age of 40 approaching, I realized that now my face, inevitably, is no longer as hard as it was when I was 20. FOREO BEAR came to surprise me just when I should have started putting on soul in peace. Sure, it doesn’t work wonders in the sense that you wake up one morning with the face of your favorite Hollywood star, but in the long run I think it can come close.
I’ve been trying it for almost two weeks, for now every other day, and I can safely say that my skin feels nice and tightened and less relaxed than it was 10 days ago.
The facial massage is pleasant and relaxing, it lasts the time of a coffee preparation and therefore anyone can really carve out a moment during the day to take care of their face.
I particularly love that it does not need spare parts because it does not wear out and that the refill guarantees up to 90 uses. Finally, the guided training routine in the app allows me not to make mistakes or forget some part of the face where I have not passed. It is a real revolution in the beauty world.

For whom it is suitable

FOREO BEAR is suitable for all skin types. From normal to mixed ones, up to the most delicate and sensitive. It is perfect for all those women who always want to have a ready-to-use, effective and safe toning facial treatment with them.

Where to buy

The entire range of FOREO BEAR devices can be found on the brand’s official website of the same name. Available in large fuchsia color version and in pearl pink and lavender mini version. It is a real facial personal trainer capable of training it and keeping it healthy, young and beautiful whenever we want. I advise? Out of education yes, out of character perhaps I would force you to buy it as an investment for your past, present and future beauty.

Finally I leave the specifications of the conducting serum that I am using in combination with the new FOREO BEAR.

Conducting Serum with FOREO Micro-Capsules

Siero conduttore Serum Serum Serum.

FOREO Serum Serum Serum is a conducting serum that combines the antioxidant power of squalane and the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid for smooth, younger-looking skin. An exclusive and moisturizing formula that preserves the skin’s youth.


  • Apply to clean, dry skin with circular movements from the inside out until completely absorbed.
  • Massage with the FOREO BEAR device.
  • Tap any remaining residue with your fingertips.

Come rassodare e tonificare il viso a casa propria.

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