FOREO LUNA mini 3: the new evolution of skincare

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Who doesn’t want perfect skin? Women and men need indiscriminately specific treatments during the cleansing phase of their beauty routine. This implies always trying to improve your daily skincare with valid products able to meet our every need. This is why I want to tell you about my personal experience with the new FOREO LUNA mini 3 facial massage and cleaning device.

FOREO LUNA mini 3: the best routine workout for having healthy and glowing skin

Spazzola intelligente per pulizia viso.

LUNA mini 3 by FOREO is the new smart face cleaning brush that works with an internal rechargeable battery. Using it at least one minute, twice a day, guarantees a deep cleansing of the skin. Eliminates bacteria, imperfections and impurities in a gentle but extremely effective way. Thanks to T-Sonic™ technology, with twelve adjustable levels of cleaning intensity and double surface cleaning, it offers a totally customizable skin care. By connecting the device to the FOREO For You smartphone application you can also take advantage of additional features. All this in a single product.

How it is made

New LUNA mini by FOREO.

The FOREO LUNA mini 3 electric face massager is round with a clean, modern and elegant Swedish design. In the upper front part there are soft thin bristles, ideal for cleansing normal and sensitive skin. Instead in the upper part on the back there are thicker bristles suitable for mixed and oily skins. In the back under the bristles there are also the power button and the small hole for recharging. Totally made of 100% waterproof silicone, it prevents bacterial formation and is 35 times more hygienic than nylon bristles as well as being more practical to clean.

How to use

Recensione FOREO LUNA mini 3.

For the first use it is necessary to connect the LUNA mini 3 device to the FOREO For You smartphone application via Bluetooth.

First use:

  • Download the FOREO For You app.
  • Activate the smartphone’s Bluetooth signal.
  • Open the FOREO For You smartphone application and create an account.
  • Select our FOREO LUNA mini 3 model from the choice of available devices.
  • Press the power button on the back for 5 seconds to connect the facial massager to the application.

At this point we enter the app settings configuring the usage time (from 60 to 120 seconds) and the intensity of the massage pulsations (from 1 to 12). Without this we can proceed with the actual use.

  1. Open the FOREO For You smartphone application.
  2. Moisten the face.
  3. Apply the detergent we prefer to the LUNA mini 3 device.
  4. Press the start button on the app.
  5. Clean your face with LUNA mini 3 making slow and circular movements for the time set in the application settings. Every 15 seconds the massage stops for a second to warn us that we need to change the face area.
  6. Rinse face and device.
  7. Dry face and LUNA mini 3 by dabbing them.
  8. Complete the beauty routine with cream, serum, or face masks specific for our skin type.

Why it works

FOREO LUNA mini 3 sends 8,000 sonic pulses per minute. Allows you to cleanse the skin so deeply that 99.5% of impurities are removed. From make-up residues to excess sebum, to sweat and dead cells. It’s T-Sonic™ technology increases blood circulation, exfoliates the skin without irritating it and stimulates skin renewal.

The result

LUNA mini 3 is a device for massage and facial cleansing all in one that allows you to get truly spectacular results. From the first uses the skin appears visibly healthier, cleaner and brighter. It is smooth, elastic and compact to the touch. The pleasant and delicate massage with constant use helps tone up to a lifting effect.

All the news of LUNA mini 3

Compared to the previous LUNA mini 3 versions it has three good news. An even more advanced technology that makes it a highly professional product. The Glow Boost function that allows you to quickly obtain a naturally and intensely luminous complexion in just 30 seconds. And the locator “Find my LUNA” that allows you to find the device again, making it pulse to the maximum in order to hear it, if we don’t remember where we left it.

FOREO LUNA mini 3 review and personal opinion

Recensione FOREO LUNA mini 3.

I am constantly using LUNA mini 3 for one minute both in the morning and in the evening. I find it very effective in proceeding to the deep and targeted cleansing that I need. Considering that I have a difficult mixed skin, full of imperfections and excess sebum, I can say that I feel it more relaxed and smooth. It is also brighter and regaining a healthy appearance. Negative sides? Frankly for now and no matter how fussy I found them. It is light and has a suitable size to take it with you everywhere without problems. Essential ally in the gym, in our gym bag essential for a super effective post workout skin care. It does not require great maintenance and can be cleaned very easily. I feel very satisfied and positively improves our beauty routine for intelligent facial cleansing.

For those who are suitable

FOREO LUNA mini 3 is suitable for anyone who is looking for a non-aggressive product that can act deeply and immediately on difficult skin. Personally, I consider it perfect for those with delicate, mixed or oily skin, and even for mature skin.

Where to buy

All FOREO devices can be purchased on their official website including my LUNA mini 3 model available in 5 colors. Given the costs, is it worth it? In my opinion yes, they are an investment. Not only do they keep the promises made but we must consider the high quality of the product guaranteed for 10 years and not having parts that deteriorate or need to be replaced over time.

Finally I also leave the specifications on the FOREO detergent that I am using together with the LUNA mini 3 device.

FOREO micro-foam cleanser

Foam face cleanser for all skin types. Dermatologically tested, fragrance-free and cruelty-free. Contains no silicones, mineral oils, sulfates, phenoxyethanol and disodium edta. Removes the most stubborn impurities and purifies balancing excess sebum. It nourishes the skin leaving it visibly hydrated and soft immediately.


  • Apply a small amount of product on wet skin until it becomes foamy.
  • Massage with FOREO LUNA mini 3 device or with your fingertips.
  • Rinse and gently dry your face.
  • Proceed with the final application of a targeted day, night or serum cream.

LUNA mini 3.

Massaggiatore intelligente per pulizia viso.

Facial cleansing massager LUNA mini by FOREO.

How to get a perfect skincare.

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