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How many times have we wished we could have all the best facial treatments at your fingertips directly from our favorite spas? Being able to get luminous and fresh skin every day, while comfortably staying at home, is now possible. Thanks to the help of a beauty-tech product that brings the fantastic Korean skincare directly into our hands. I’m talking about the new FOREO UFO 2 and its phenomenal smart mask treatment. After having personally tried and tested it, we discover together all the advantages of having a small large spa just a click away.

The new FOREO UFO 2

Dispositivo intelligente per applicazione maschere viso in tessuto.

FOREO UFO 2 is the new revolutionary electric device for face mask treatment capable of fusing advanced dermatological technologies, enhanced with LED light therapy and T-Sonic™ pulsations, with all the secrets of Korean masks. It is the most complete facial treatment in the world. In just under 2 minutes of use, it restores the natural balance of the epidermis by stimulating the production of collagen for visibly healthier skin. It also has integrated ultra-fast heating and cooling functions and with hyperinfusion technology the nourishing ingredients of the fabric masks penetrate deeply. Equipped with an internal rechargeable battery and connecting it to the smartphone application of the same name, enjoying where we want all the relaxation of a personalized spa skincare routine becomes child’s play.

As did

FOREO UFO review.

The FOREO UFO 2 electric face mask device presents itself with the unmistakable elegant, contemporary and minimal design, typical of this Swedish brand. It has a round appearance and is totally waterproof. You can safely go under the water to rinse it without problems. The upper part is used for inserting the fabric mask by removing and replacing the transparent ring to lock it. The side is coated with silicone and the power button is on one side and the hole for recharging on the other. In the lower part there is instead a rose gold colored ring that makes the device similar to a real jewel.

How to use

How to use FOREO UFO.

The first time we use our new UFO 2 we must connect it to the FOREO smartphone application via Bluetooth.

First use:

  • Download FOREO app.
  • Activate the Bluetooth signal of the smartphone.
  • Open the FOREO smartphone application and create an account (if you don’t already have one).
  • Select our FOREO UFO 2 model from the choice of available devices.
  • Press the power button for 5 seconds to connect the smart mask device to the application.

With a clean and perfectly dry face, we can proceed to the actual use.

  1. Open the FOREO smartphone application.
  2. Scan the barcode of the face mask we are going to use.
  3. Remove the transparent ring from the top of UFO 2, place the fabric mask on the device and secure it by locking it with the ring.
  4. Press the “Start” button on the app.
  5. Follow the voice prompts and enjoy the treatment.
  6. Choose whether to repeat or not.
  7. Remove the mask and rinse UFO 2 under running water.
  8. With circular movements of the fingers gently spread any residues until they are absorbed and complete the beauty routine with moisturizer.

Why it works

FOREO UFO 2 uses three treatments in one electrical device. Cryotherapy, phototherapy and thermotherapy always at hand. The sonic waves, up to 10,000 pulses per minute, pulsing and penetrating deeply, give a delicate, exfoliating and relaxing face massage stimulating cell regeneration. Heating function reaches 45 ° C, the optimal temperature to relax body and mind, revitalize, open pores and dissolve excess sebum. Low temperature function, on the other hand, invigorates, firming the skin, helps reduce swelling and inflammates. Finally, it has been scientifically proven, the 8 wavelength colors of full spectrum LED light therapy in a short time give a decidedly younger and healthier appearance.

The result

FOREO UFO 2 is an intelligent device for the application of face masks with the optimization of a targeted massage. By using it constantly for a few minutes a day, in addition to a sensory experience, it guarantees the maximum benefit from each smart mask treatment. Effectively stimulates the skin by deeply infusing the active ingredients of the masks, obtaining a smoother, brighter and more toned face.

FOREO UFO 2 review and personal opinion

New intelligent electric device for fabric face mask treatment.

To seriously put it to the test, during the first few days it arrived, I totally suspended all activities of my skincare routine.
Using it at least once a day, morning or evening, selecting a specific face mask at the moment, I must admit that FOREO UFO 2 is not just a smart face mask device. In just 90 seconds it is surprisingly capable of catapulting you into a spa complete with massages and targeted treatments, plus relaxing music and voice.
Lately I was suffering from dark circles and dull complexion, so I can confirm that in a few uses I have regained my brightness and to the touch I have skin made like velvet. I also really like the fact that each treatment is targeted to the mask we are using and each step is explained step by step.
I advise? No, not at all, if I could, I would really force every woman to have it.

For whom it is suitable

FOREO UFO 2 is perfect, safe and effective for any woman without limitations on the type of skin or sensitivity. In fact, only the face masks in fabric that we should choose to apply make the difference. Comfortable, practical and super hygienic it will only make us more beautiful day after day.

Where to buy it

The entire FOREO device collection is located on the brand’s official website of the same name including this UFO 2 model available in three different colors. Pearl Pink, Fuchsia and Mint also available in the Sephora, Douglas and Pinalli perfumeries. I highly recommend it because it is an intelligent investment for skin care and goes beyond the simple application of a face mask in fabric. It is a real face routine optimized to the nth degree. Visible and tangible results in a short time.

To conclude I leave a brief excursus on all 8 masks that I am using.

8 FOREO masks suitable for every need of your skin

Recensione FOREO UFO e maschere viso in tessuto.

Each fabric mask activated by FOREO UFO 2 offers an optimized and specific treatment for every skin need.

  1. Call It a Night: night mask with olive oil and ginseng. Revitalizes and nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and incredibly soft.
  2. Coconut Oil: mask with milk and coconut oil. Rich in nutrients for smoother and softer skin.
  3. Glow Addict: illuminating mask with pearl extract. Brightens dull skin giving a healthy and radiant complexion.
  4. H2Overdose: intensive hydration mask with hyaluronic acid. An infusion of intense hydration to regenerate dry skin.
  5. Make My Day: anti-pollution moisturizing mask with red algae and hyaluronic acid. For a fresh, hydrated and protected skin.
  6. Matte Maniac: extra purifying carbon mask. Mattifies and purifies for healthy-looking skin.
  7. Shimmer Freak: illuminating eye mask with caffeine. For a fresh and rested look, plus a touch of brilliance.
  8. Youth Junkie: regenerating mask with karate butter and jojoba oil. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, for a younger looking skin.

My favorites? To date, I’m crazy about coconut, mattifying and nightwear, but I’m also curious to try the new FOREO masks that will be released soon. Created ad hoc with all the best beauty secrets from all over the world.

Maschere viso in tessuto per dispositivo elettrico.

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