5 tips on how to wear the roll over cuff pants

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Legend narrates the fashion of the cuff pants is born from someone intent on cleaning up their own home after a flood. Forgetting, before going out, to pick down the trousers promptly rolled up to avoid getting them dirty someone must have noticed them and since then it has become one of the most discussed fashion details. Hence also the beaten note on the subject “Do you have water in the house?“. Between those who love him and those who hate him is open war for years but what is the truth? And above all, how to wear (or not wear) the roll over pants?

The roll over pants

The use of the cuff pants was born at the end of the 19th century with the only practical goal of not getting wet or dirtying the trousers as well as being an indicative detail of a poor person who could not afford the creation of a tailored hem. To begin to see it with different eyes we will have to wait until the 1930s when the roll over pants began to be used by men to make their outfits a little more casual. Since then they have taken a long way and for many, too.

How to wear, or not wear, the cuff pants

I hope it is useless to point out that obviously the cuff pants should not be used with elegant clothes and in formal situations. It is a purely casual detail although it should remain fine and almost imperceptible as a whole. It is also necessary to bear in mind that the rolled-up trousers at the ankle break and lower every type of figure, therefore it is absolutely necessary to avoid shortening them too much. Not recommended on wide pant, flared trousers and on particularly soft and flowing fabrics. So why use the cuff pants? First of all because when a pair of trousers is too long and creates those ugly ugly folds (see photo below), it comes to our aid intelligently. Subsequently because that small volume created at the ankle, absurdly, visually restores a proportion that slims the hips. In short, it’s nice because.

How not to wear roll over pants.

5 tips to wear the cuff pants correctly

  1. Do not shorten them too much above the ankle. Keep in mind the length of a Capri model trousers and do not dare go further.
  2. Prefer it on skinny pants and watch out for boyfriend jeans on which, especially if we are not very tall, shortens and cuts the figure already at the first turn of the lapel.
  3. Better if the color of the lapel is ton sur ton. At most slightly lighter but NEVER totally different or darker to channel attention.
  4. The cuff pants must not exceed two fingers in height or we lose the proportion of our entire figure.
  5. He is comfortable with his bare ankle. If it is very cold, don’t use it, let’s laugh and it doesn’t make sense. At best, we combine fashion socks with the color of the shoes.

My point of view? For me, the cuff pants are not totally to be rejected and I use it without problems especially with some models of jeans. I can’t stand it with socks, with boots and when it is objectively too big in thickness or length. And you? Which side are you on?
Now I leave you with some simple inspiration and don’t forget that:

“From the third turn up is no longer fashionable, it’s salmon trout fishing.”

Come fare risvoltini ai jeans.

Roll over pants look.

Idea outfit risvoltino ai pantaloni.

Roll over pants.

Cuffs jeans casual outfit.

Roll over pants.

Risvoltino ai pantaloni.

Roll over ripped jeans outfit idea.

Cuff jeans detail.

Credits: Images by Pinterest and viewable on “Fashion Inspirations” board.

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