Flowers and ruffles: a romantic outfit but not obvious

by fashionsnobber

Edited by: Fiorella Annunziata

Luna chose a decidedly romantic outfit wearing a dress with floral print and ruffles on the cuffs and neck. To be romantic and dreamy, however, it is not only the outfit, but also Luna’s own attitude! We analyze the entire look better and, thanks to Fashion Therapy, we understand which elements and details are capable of influencing actions and behaviors.

Romantic outfit with red flowers and ruffles

Fashion therapy outfit romantico.

The dress is from Zara and is part of the midi category, that is, a length below the knee, but above the ankle. Personally I find this type of dress, a must have. Easy to wear, “layered” (can also be worn with cardigans for the colder season!) And suitable 24/24.
The print in question is floral. Cleared the fact that you can wear this fantasy only in Spring (Miranda Priestley in “The devil wears Prada” says nothing?), Is increasingly trendy among low cost and non-low-cost chains.
Buying printed clothes helps us to add some movement and color to winter outfits too.
In fact, often in the cold season, because of shorter days and consequently a reduced amount of natural light, we tend to choose dark colors for clothing. Blue, black and gray usually. Adding some color helps fight winter depression also known as Winter Blues. Here if you want, I will tell you about the 3 items of clothing that will make you happy even in winter.
In the look chosen by Luna, the color of the flowers gives energy and grit to the black base of the dress. Red is the color of love and this goes well with the essence of flowers and ruffles applied ton sur ton on sleeves and neck, thus creating a romantic outfit.
The detail of the back closure with teardrop and button opening helps to give a touch of sensuality to an otherwise highly accented and chastened dress.

Outfit romantico abito midi floreale con volant.

Fashion psychology romantic outfit.

Accessories and attitude

Luna chooses to style her hair with soft waves and a headband. Another seasonal trend, this hair accessory recalls the romantic motif of the outfit!

Romantic outfit Zara floral midi dress.

Outfit romantico fiori e volant.

We also pay attention to Luna’s pose, looking up or down with one hand in her hair, but with a little shy and innocent. This attitude is clearly recalled and suggested by the clothing chosen!
For example, such an input can help us to feel more delicate and feminine even on the days when we feel the most “dockers“.
The bag is the breaking element of romance and is the “sprint” point that also represents Luna’s personality. With geometric shapes and therefore more angular than the curves of the ruffles, it is an energetic red and with a jewel closure that also recalls the earring.
Finally, let’s analyze the shoes. The boots chosen are black, create continuity with the base of the dress and have a comfortable heel. Luna could also have chosen amphibians, guaranteeing the romantic halo of the outfit, but adding practicality with a shoe without a heel. Or there would have been the hyper fashionista alternative of wearing white boots. In this case there would have been more detachment between the lower part of the body and the dress, but still a reference to the internal fantasy of the flowers. The result? Hyper fashion and trendy!
Obviously every choice of combinations and accessories depends on your personality and your needs.

Come indossare abito midi a fiori - How to wear floral midi dress.

How would you have accessorised this dress? Are you curious or have any questions in particular? Write to me at or follow my Instagram profile.

Thanks a lot Luna for this space, see you next month with another fashion therapy appointment in the fashion psychology section!

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