Sailor Moon outfits: how to feel like a warrior every day

by fashionsnobber

Many women born between the 80s and 90s grew up on bread and Sailor Moon. Whether they did it by reading the Japanese manga comic book of the same name or by watching the episodes of the cartoon on TV, it does not matter, Sailor warriors have influenced their generation making them not only passionate about the characters but also about their personal clothing style and color choice. This is why today I had fun imagining and creating modern Sailor Moon outfits that we could wear to feel like a warrior every day.

Sailor Moon cosplayer

Before showing the ideas of Sailor Moon outfits that I created I want to clarify and explain a couple of things.
I realize that those who are far from the world of anime, manga and comics cannot quite conceive how such a passion can be had. Very often also called infantile, synonymous with Peter Pan syndrome. Those who have known me for a lifetime have learned to understand and somehow “accept” my side. Those who have a passion for this world instead find everything completely normal. While, who is distant from all this I know very well that effort. Fatigue because at the age of 30 you play bitterly dressing like a 90s cartoon hero at Lucca Comics makes you laugh. At 30, you go crazy in front of a reproduction that gave you a lunar cup is strange.
I accept and understand it, but as with any question far from our common thought, we do not judge something a priori that we do not understand. They are passions and passions, yes, even the strangest ones, must be respected. Especially when they don’t hurt anyone but they make them smile and have fun.

Sailor Moon outfits inspiration style

After creating themed outfits inspired by Marvel and DC superheroes and Pokémon, I certainly could not give up on proposing Sailor Moon outfits for each of the main Sailor warriors for long. So here’s what the champions of justice would wear if they were modern fashion victims. Power of fashion, comeee, to, meee!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon modern outfit inspiration.

Usagi (or Bunny) Tsukino is the protagonist of this manga and turns into Sailor Moon, warrior of justice. With a cheerful and always optimistic character he is also a little awkward and whiny but when necessary he can bring out all his determination and courage to defend and save those he cares about. She is also the Princess of the Moon, Serenity, and in everyday life she has a style that often recalls preppy details.
(Clothing: Gucci shirt, Tommy Hilfiger skirt and Jacquemus coat. Accessories: Yves Saint Laurent boots, Dolce & Gabbana bag, Thierry Lasry sunglasses, Bvlgari watch, Chanel bracelet, Allurez ring and Lanvin earrings.)

Sailor Mercury

Mercury look idea.

Ami Mizuno is the character who transforms into Sailor Mercury, a warrior of water and wisdom. A particularly serious, intelligent, fussy and sensitive girl is the group’s classic “nerd”. He knows how to use all new technologies and in everyday life he prefers bon ton outfits. In my interpretation for these Sailor Moon outfits I sincerely see it more with casual looks and cutting-edge technological details.
(Clothing: MSGM sweatshirt, Citizens jeans and Moncler down jacket. Accessories: Roger Vivier boots, Ted Baker bag, Jays headphones, Apple Watch watch, Kate Spade wallet, iPad Valextra cover and Armani eyeglasses.)

Sailor Mars

Mars modern look idea.

Rei Hino is the third girl who joins the group turning into Sailor Mars, a warrior of fire and passion. Particularly beautiful, she is very confident, stubborn and determined and this often leads her to quarrel with everyone, especially with Sailor Moon. In reality she is the most mature of the group and she is also very generous and altruistic. She is a priestess of a Shinto temple and in daily life she has a feminine, elegant and refined style.
(Clothing: Gucci shirt, Roland Mouret skirt and Etro coat. Accessories: Manolo Blahnik shoes, Gucci bag, Winser London scarf, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi sunglasses, Gisele for Eshvi ring and Marni bracelet.)

Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter outfit inspiration.

Makoto (or Morea) Kino is instead the one who turns into Sailor Jupiter, warrior of thunder and courage. With a strong independent personality, she is very strong and courageous without hiding her extremely sentimental side. She is the “tomboy” of the group in both ways and style and today she would be one of the most famous food bloggers, she is so good at cooking.
(Clothing: Paul Smith pullover, Topshop bomber jacket and Dolce & Gabbana trousers. Accessories: Maison Margiela shoes, Chanel backpack, Acne Studios cap, Chloe sunglasses, Kate Spade bracelet, Chanel earrings and Ashlyn’d iPhone cover.)

Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus outfit inspiration.

Finally, Minako (or Marta) Aino is Sailor Venus, a warrior of love and beauty. Sporty, sunny and determined, she loves fun and like Sailor Moon she tends to get distracted easily, not to study. He falls in love with every boy he meets and dreams of becoming famous. Her style is typically feminine and trendy.
(Clothing: Givenchy dress, Prada belt and Moschino coat. Accessories: Aquazzurra shoes, Loewe bag, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, Carole hair bow, Hermes watch, Tiffany & Co. necklace and Diamose ring.)

I know, the Sailor Moon outfits of the external solar system with Sailror Neptune, Uranus and Pluto would be missing. Sooner or later I’ll add them, I promise.

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