Sales time: the winner cloth is?

by fashionsnobber

As I had told you about the discounts last week and I don’t really agree. To overcome this this year I decided to let you choose my purchases with the sales. By making you participate in the blog and to thank you in some way for your constancy in following me and commenting on me.
I know, giving you a gift would certainly be more welcome but I have to find a feasible formula since the giveaways are basically illegal even if they are all made. The fines I guarantee you come in so I sketched the idea. Also, knowing how nice my karma is 10 to 1 in the pile would catch me. Better not risk it? But having said that, among the 3 discounted items submitted to your choice based on your tastes or what you would like to see me wear, in the end, who won?

The winner of the sales is…

Taking into account every comment and opinion received on the blog and on the various social media. The final verdict saw Ralph Lauren’s polka-dot dress defeat. Undisputed winner followed by the Twin-Set Peter Pan collar blouse and the black Tommy Hilfiger dress.
Keeping your word, as a demonstration of how much I trust my readers and my followers, of your tastes and how much you can do it with me I proceeded to the purchase.
However, yes, there is one though. I was very sorry for those who voted for the other leaders and I trusted the same opinions as I did.
In time of sales I took advantage of it and bought all three of them.
Not yet worn but I will do it soon and pray for me to be well otherwise the fault will be all yours and you will have me on your conscience. Obviously I’m kidding, after all the initial selection was mine so I really liked everyone.
I leave you with the images of my crazy shopping with sales. Thanks to you I finally managed to fulfill this difficult task for me.

Winning sales clothing.

Shopping with sales.

Shopping con i saldi.Thank you for your cooperation and good sales to all!

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Angela Donava 03.08.2015 - 19:03

Stunning selection!
Have a nice evening!
Angela Donava

fashionsnobber 04.08.2015 - 18:05

Thank’s Angela! :*


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