Salonist you take care of yourself in a click

by fashionsnobber

Unfortunately I have to admit it, I am lazy by nature. Especially when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. I admit it, but from today all this will change thanks to Salonist and its smartphone app.

Salonist takes care of you with a simple click

When I learned about this service on the web and began to understand how it works, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A brilliant, avant-garde and decidedly comfortable idea. Available to everyone, also thanks to their smartphone application. From the series. Take care of yourself and make yourself beautiful, how, where and when you want.

Salonist Home Page.

Your favorite beauty center is always with you

On Salonist just register via email or Facebook profile to immediately take advantage of all their services. Choose from hundreds of beauty treatments, hair, massages and spa. A huge beauty center at our complete disposal at any time we feel the need or we urgently need it.
We can choose from more than 400 salons in Milan, Rome, Turin and many other Italian cities. With a further possibility to suggest new ones to which we often rely, but who do not yet know this network. Surely you know of excellent ones so I invite you to do it to increase not only their clientele but also to give the possibility to expand this excellent service beyond the main cities.
I will give you an example. We are in Milan and we woke up with indomitable hair just tonight that we have an important event. We certainly can not call all the hairdressers in the area looking for them on a list and crossing their fingers have a vacancy immediately in the early afternoon, no?
Well, don’t panic, Salonist thinks about all this.

How Salonist works

Elementary Watson. Just tell him the type of service we need (in this case fold), where (Milan), when and at what time. Automatically searches Milan hairdressers available for our request. We simply have to select among the salons offered ready to receive the one that best suits us and once we have decided to confirm the booking. So, in an instant, Salonist makes us beautiful with a simple click.
Same procedure for aesthetic Milan for example. If we need a facial.
As a good nerd, I immediately rushed to try the smartphone application. Clean design as I like it. Clear content and perfect ease of use even for those who are reluctant to technology. I am not surprised at all that it registered more than 20,000 reservations every month and was awarded the NEW BEST APP in the app store. A service that I would recommend to everyone. Practical, useful and admittedly, it is able to save our lives in different situations. Just what was missing.
But before rushing to book my manicure session for next week, I leave you a 10.00 euro discount that you can use on any treatment by entering the coupon code LUNA10 during your booking. Taking care of yourself is important Salonist makes it easier. I wait for you!

Salonist iPhone app.

Salonist app.

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Paulinasfashionbook 17.04.2016 - 16:19

Love your blog! xx Paulina from

Denise 16.04.2016 - 21:30

Wow, it’s great! I did understand it and I wish I knew about it before, it would have saved me time lookjing for a place or a good professional for treatments! Great share, thank you! I will tell some friends about Salonist too!


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