Sapaf Atelier 1954: 60 years of Made in Italy

by fashionsnobber

Today I want to tell you a story. A beautiful life story full of values and professionalism that I had the pleasure of knowing on the occasion of the open day held in Scandicci in the central and operational headquarters of Sapaf Atelier 1954 to celebrate their first 60 years of activities and goals, launching the line “Replica 1954“. Make yourself comfortable, clear your mind and follow me on this journey. I am sure in the end it will be like having crossed a bridge that unites past and present and ends in a future where the Made in Italy will have no boundaries.

Sapaf Atelier 1954: 60 years of pure Made in Italy

Once upon a time, in the city of Florence, a couple of artisans in love, Silvano and Valdivia Calistri. He is a very good leather decorator specialized in hand-crafted work, gilded, using real gold leaf. She was an excellent painter who colored her husband’s decorations. From their passion, their talent, and yes, even from their great love that contained all this was born the company of Sapaf Atelier 1954 specialized initially in artistic decorations on leather. A company that immediately valued the made in Florence by understanding how important it was to do it in the world. Back in 1954, their long journey began and a mini luxury bag was born. The first Replica1954.

The original vintage Replica 1954.

More than 60 years have passed since then and Sapaf Atelier 1954 has told its story. A succession of impeccable models, processes and collections that have made them known throughout the world and in the best fashion boutiques. Unique lines of bags and accessories. Always characterized and enhanced by that craftsmanship that only Made in Italy can guarantee. That Made in Italy real, healthy, real, able to make everyone dream and be desired.

Bags history Sapaf Atelier 1954.

Replica 1954 collection

How could we celebrate a company so prestigious and renowned for its first 60 years if not with a collection entirely on a theme born precisely from the peculiarities of that first mini bag symbol of quality and family values ​​indispensable for a great success?
Thus was born the Replica1954 spring/summer collection by Sapaf Atelier 1954. To rediscover all the products that have made the history of the brand. A line of leather bags characterized and immediately recognizable by the central band decorated with the gold leaf motif recalling the original purse. Shapes, sizes, leathers and different colors guarantee proposals to satisfy every taste and be perfect on various occasions.
Each item is certified as “100% Italian” and has a tag with a serial number and an anti-counterfeiting hologram. Every leather, fabric and accessory is created exclusively for them. Resistance to abrasion, to water, to the sun, to heat, durability over time, lightness and eco-compatibility are the basis of the realization of each of their products cured at 360 °. In fact, even the inner linings are subjected to the choice of the best fabrics and each bag has its own personalized lining. Because the elegance, the real one, is also made of details.
Sapaf Atelier 1954 has been a family business for three generations now. Besides having its line of the same name, today it also adopts the strategy of production differentiation thanks to the collaboration with internationally renowned brands.

New luxury bags collection by Sapaf Atelier.

These masterpieces of Tuscan craftsmanship and flagships of the Made in Italy will soon be on sale in their online shop. It will be possible for anyone to have one of these bags in their hands. Certain that they will become your best friends capable of making your every trip unforgettable. The cream shopper bag with the blue band will have to be mine, it’s too beautiful don’t you think?

Luxury shopper bag by Sapaf.

For Sapaf Atelier 1954, creating products of excellence in which the trace of handmade is recognizable to the naked eye is one of its main features. I was able to see this personally by visiting their workshops. A unique charm, I would have been hours watching each craftsman’s work. An unforgettable experience during which you can really understand the value of our best craftsmanship. The one born from a family and transmitted to his collaborators with patience and dedication. See how these bags are born, the accuracy of each gesture was pure magic.

Bags made in Italy laboratory Sapaf Atelier 1954.

Before reaching the end of this story, I want to talk about the protagonist, the mini luxury bag from which all this started.

Mini luxury bag Replica 1954

Mini luxury Bag Replica 1954 by Sapaf Atelier.

A reproduction faithful to the original of 1954. Revisited by extending the chain of the shoulder strap thus allowing us to use it not only as a clutch bag by hand. A mini bag made with the original mold and manual press of the 1950s. Hand painted and decorated with gold leaf. A real gem for connoisseurs of luxury. Produced in a numbered series and in many different colors, it embodies the essence of Sapaf Atelier 1954. Personally, I totally fell in love with the pink model. So feminine, elegant, refined and classy, it fits perfectly into my ideal of an accessory that reflects the Italian taste so much sought after in every corner of the world.

Luxury bag Replica 1954 laboratory creation.

Finally, I wonder what I learned after all this?
Which are the details that make the difference in a product. It is passion, creativity, professionalism and love to enhance one’s craftsmanship to make each item unique by handing down these values from generation to generation. I learned that we should not necessarily go looking for foreign brands to be impeccable. Just turn the corner and just behind our house find out how unique we can produce. Our Made in Italy should be valued and made known much more. We are capable of great things and Sapaf Atelier 1954 is a striking proof of this.

Details luxury bags by Sapaf Atelier.

Here, this is the story I wanted to tell you today. A story that I could touch and savor every person I met during that day.
But mind you, this I told you is a story that will have no end…

For whoever has a great past you can bet on a big future.

Family Calistri, three generations to Sapaf Atelier.

Thanks Sapaf Atelier 1954 for all this, I wish you another thousand 60 years like this.

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Doreen 24.04.2020 - 6:14

Bought one of their bags in Florence last fall(2019). Absolutely amazing quality and beautiful. Just wish I could find a wallet in the same color of blue by the same designer.

Christina Hu 23.11.2015 - 22:30

Such an amazing opportunity and beautiful products! Always love handmade products from Italy!

xoxo, Christina

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