Wardrobe season change: how to order the closet

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Time has come for the fateful change of season in our wardrobes. There are those who have been going on for a while and those like me who have waited for the definitive change of climate. Tidying up in the wardrobe is one of those moments that I personally try to postpone as much as possible because in the end only lose patience and I never get that much desired organization. For this reason, today I decided to make a commitment and at the same time share a short guide here on the blog on how to order the closet by following 4 fundamental steps.

4 basic steps to put the wardrobe in order during the change of season

how to fix the wardrobe.

Wardrobe of the vast majority of people is made up of 90% of clothes that are not used, 5% of “I don’t fit” and 5% of clothes that we always use because “we have nothing to wear. It’s also true that most of us have too small closets compared to the myriad of clothes we own. For this reason, becomes necessary to organize well and to fix the wardrobe arrange, managing to keep it in order as much as possible without the disorder taking over us too. Having said that, let’s arm ourselves with holy patience, carve out a few hours available and calmly dedicate ourselves to our perfect wardrobe by putting it in order by following these practical step-by-step tips.

1. Empty all and clean

Let’s start by completely emptying the closet and you, basically, get the sign of the cross creating chaos in the room. Empty wardrobe clean and disinfect all its interior ready to accommodate the new arrangement of our garments.

2. Divide the garments by category

Now divide by category all the items we have previously pulled out of the closet. Trousers on one side, skirts on the other, shirts in a pile, t-shirts in another and so on for sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. For each of them go to the sieve the individual clothings by deciding what’s good for the new season and what should instead be placed in a dedicated container to get it out to the next one.

3. Decluttering

This is the most difficult step when we are going to fix the wardrobe. Strength and courage, but we have to take it into our heads to ELIMINATE something from each category of clothing. Becoming a serial accumulator is a snap. Just think that according to statistics about 1/3 of our wardrobe is made up of items that we will never wear during the year.
Begin to wonder if we really need 6 pairs of blue pants rather than 10 completely identical white t-shirts. Eliminate all that is worn and damaged, cannot be repaired or is irreparably stained. We also eliminate clothes that no longer fit. Thinking about a future diet to re-enter it is useless, when we will want to buy something new, so go. Finally, let’s give our leaders a time. Haven’t used it for two years? Let’s do a good deed by donating it to Caritas or to some less fortunate family than us. It will be able to give it new life without leaving it forgotten in a closet.

4. Organize

Now is the time to organize and put order the closet in the true sense of the word. Choose an area to be assigned for each category of clothing and decide whether to divide them by functionality, season or color. Furthermore, hanging and storing them starting from right to left seems to be the most inclined choice for the sense of order, both visually and practically.

These are the 4 basic steps for a rather painless and practical change of wardrobe. Now let’s see some other little tips to fix the wardrobe keeping it organized and tidy for as long as possible.

7 tips on how to keep the closet well organized for as long as possible

how to keep the closet tidy.

1. Everything in beautiful view

Having everything in order the closet at eye level is crucial. Avoid losing time in looking for a boss rather than another throwing it all back in the air. Moreover, what is stored hidden and far from the eyes becomes automatically forgotten and will no longer be used to rediscover it perhaps at the next season’s change by exhorting with an “And where was it over?“.

2. A new boss for an old man

Whenever you buy a new boss and put it in the closet, remove an old one. In this way you will never find yourself at the starting point but always have an optimization of both the space and the selection of items that you love and like to wear.

3. Prepare fine paddles

Those in wood, upholstered or of original shapes are certainly the most beautiful to see but in bulky cabinets and occupy a lot of space. Choosing the finest plastic anonymous ones instead is the best solution because they allow you to recover several centimeters in which to hang it further.

4. Use the inside of the cabinet doors

Do not think in many but often between the doors and inside of the inner shelves there is space that can be optimized. Belts, scarves and accessories can be hung with hooks inside the doors. This makes it easy to clear the drawers for which we used them and automatically have more space available.

5. No to laundry bags

Bags in which we deliver the clothes washed in the dry cleaners retain humidity and very often cause ugly yellow spots, as well as a receptacle for dust. Never order the closet by putting clothes away in this way. Either we open them or we buy special cotton or other breathable fabrics.

6. Roll up socks and underwear

It’s a fact, rolling the socks and underwear so much space in the drawers. Takes patience and you have to get used to it but it really is worth it.

7. Name each container

When we store something, whether it is shoes or clothes for the next season, it’s good to know what is and where. For this reason, it can be useful to write the contents inside each container for clothes so as not to go crazy if we are looking for something specific.

To conclude, the only rule I feel I can give about how to order the closet is to stick to uniformity. I guarantee that not only the glance will thank us. And you? Do you have any further suggestions for optimizing spaces or keeping order in our wardrobes for as long as possible?

Cambio di stagione come mettere in ordine armadio.


How to organize the closet.


Come sistemare armadio.


How to set up the wardrobe.


Come avere armadio in ordine.


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