Selfie Addicted t-shirt that gives love

by fashionsnobber

The selfie is nothing more than a self-timer created via smartphone, tablet, webcam and even through a digital camera. It spread in the early 2000s especially when social networks started and the mass sharing of each of our moments became a daily practice. That he is in front of a mirror, with more or less funny and far-fetched expressions, nobody has managed to desist. So, willy-nilly, we are all Selfie Addicted.

Selfie Addicted to TSoF CREW: the t-shirt made with love for love

Conceived by Iolanda Corio (established blogger of The Shade of Fashion) in 2014, the t-shirt Selfie Addicted is part of the Forever-love line T.S.o.F. CREW. Line designed and developed for all with the purpose of launching an important message “Love always, with respect for yourself and for others“. I will not tell you more because you will find out for yourself. But I can assure you that the shirt is cured in every detail. It has a perfect fit for even the most curvy like me, a soft fabric and sought 100% cotton, a silkscreen print two flawless colors and I found especially the women’s round neck sharp cut. Also I was amazed by the packaging carefully. The shirt comes in its dust bag blue tnt which is a practical backpack exploited in many occasions, and together there is also a useful gadget that then is the key to understanding the message delivered by this line of shirts. What will be?

T-shirts Selfie Addicted della linea Forever-love T.S.o.F. CREW by Iolanda Corio.

T-shirt Selfie Addicted della linea Forever-love T.S.o.F. CREW by Iolanda Corio.

The perfect t-shirt for those who can not resist the self-portraits

Once you are worn you can not help but get to play with your smartphone and create some fun selfie to share with our favorite hashtag. Yes, the chicken’s ass mouths covered. Andrea of Diario di un Acido on our blog today we have interpreted our methods and now it’s up to you. Wear your shirt to Selfie Addicted and share your desire for self-portraits. Remember not to take herself too seriously. And you smile, sometimes, often, always because it is your best expression. You have something to say? Do this with a selfie no?

T-shirt Selfie Addicted della linea Forever-love T.S.o.F. CREW by Iolanda Corio.

I like the idea? Do you like the Selfie Addicted t-shirt? Then go to and entering the coupon code you will also snobber30% discount on your order. What are you waiting for? Your best expression of selfies is waiting for you and I want to see her!

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