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by fashionsnobber

Today I want to tell you a story. A story that fascinated me a lot and that has to do with being a woman first of all, and then with Sevens Skincare and its latest generation cosmetic products. Because everything comes from a woman with a capital “D” and, not to be biased, when women move, something extraordinary can only blossom.

The charm of Sevens Skincare

Sevens Skincare natural beauty cosmetic products.

Once upon a time there was a woman Product Manager and Marketing Director with thirty years of experience in the field of professional cosmetics. There was a beautiful day when he decided to start from scratch and reinvent himself. In times that are far from easy, he created his own brand of beauty products aimed at beauty centers and spas. And then there is today, the web 2.0 generation that calls, asks for help and imposes itself. Thus the final choice to open its charm to everyone. A strong decision, a big step, a courageous extra possibility as well as a conscious choice.
Because we women have this great power. In any moment of our life we are able to give up everything, get back on the line and rebuild our future based on our ideals, our passions and our dreams. This is also why I fell in love and I strongly believe in Sevens Skincare, healthy and strictly made in Italy products.

Sevens Skincare is my conscious choice

Natural beauty products Sevens Skincare.

Awareness is in fact the common thread of this brand. We must learn to be aware of our choices, aware of how we take care of our beauty and what we are going to apply on our skin. The Sevens Skincare product line has a very high concentration of active ingredients capable of combining the maximum naturalness of the formulas with the maximum cosmetic result. All treatments, serums and creams are hypoallergenic, without parabens and petrolatum, dermatologically tested, cruelty free and totally made in Italy. They have also obtained ethical certification as Vegan OK products thanks to the absence of components of animal origin.
Every woman has the right to keep herself beautiful and take care of her body, if she can also do it in an ethical way and going hand in hand with nature can only be the best choice.

Based on my needs, I personally tried and tested two targeted beauty products and I must say that I was not enthusiastic about them, they literally won me over. Let’s find out together…

Impure skin face cream

Detox face cream.

It is a sebum balancing and detoxifying cream for combination and impure skin. To be applied both in the morning and in the evening on cleansed face, massaging until it is absorbed. That is practically immediately. It guarantees a matte effect and is also excellent as a make-up base for perfect make-up. Furthermore, from the first applications I noticed a different brightness of the face and welcome back opacity. A real dream for me unfortunately also a heavy smoker.

Components: based on Mandelic and Glycolic Acid, Oat Extract, Starch and Rice and Almond Oils.

Firming and toning body cream

Firming & Toning body cream.

The fateful swimsuit test is approaching and it seemed only right to start preparing my body and my critical points by relying on noteworthy beauty products. This firming and toning cream is perfect. To be applied daily on the areas to be treated, massaging until it is absorbed. Basically it’s like going to the gym without going there. From the very first applications, the skin is more hydrated, toned, firmed, and redensified. This year miniskirt and tank tops without any problems.

Components: based on powerful tensors, Glycacid ECO, Glaucine and Manihot Esculenta Tuber, Avocado, Rice, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

In conclusion, I can say with certainty that both creams have a very soft and light texture that is absorbed practically immediately, a delicate, natural and non-artificial fragrance as I have often heard. Furthermore, the results are really seen after a few applications and then what about the packaging? Elegant and sophisticated as I like it. Because let’s face it, even the eye wants its part.
Before returning to spread my new favorite cream, I inform you that the Beauty20 discount code is active on the Sevens Skincare website and if you first want to try something to test the quality of the items there is also a test kit of 15 single-digit samples. derisory. Sevens Skincare’s cosmetic products were a wonderful surprise for me and will be my conscious choice from today. And yours? Now it’s your turn to make nature take care of your beauty.

Made in Italy natural cosmetic.

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