Tell me what shoes you wear and I’ll tell you who you are

by fashionsnobber

Identify the model of shoes you wear most often among those proposed and find out what type of woman you are and the style that represents you.

Tell me what shoes you wear and I’ll tell you who you are

Flat shoes

Ballerinas shoes.

If this model of shoes is what I use the most are a woman dynamic, practical and active well aware of your womanhood without feeling the need to use a more sexy on great heights. Sure of yourself you prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground while maintaining a classic style, sometimes etiquette but still timeless, perfect for the woman who wants to maintain comfort without renouncing to be chic.

Décolleté and sandals with high heels

Décolleté and sandals with high heels.

These are your favorite shoes? Well, you’re a woman who likes to feel Woman with “D” capitalized. You’re sexy and enhances your femininity keeping you always sophisticated and elegant. Like you seduce and in this there is nothing wrong as long as it is not to hide a little confidence in yourself that you should not have. Your sober but impeccable acquires its distinctive charm when you wear a pair of court shoes or sandals high making the protagonist.


Loafers shoes.

If the loafers are the shoes you wear more conservative you are a woman, but discreet bourgeois who does not need to be erected on a heel to feel high. You know what you want but struggling to let go because of your too much seriousness and reliability. Good qualities that you transmit through your classic look, but remember that venture a little ‘more never hurt anyone.

Sneakers shoes

Scarpe da tennis o sneakers.

The sneakers are a fundamental part of your look? Whether classic, colored or with a wedge inside are not only a sporty woman, practical and active as it is commonplace to think but you are also trendy. Ami change style through them while remaining casual and expressing your desire to feel forever young. Direct with others you do not need to hide who you are but sometimes it would be better you I counted up to 10 before you say your.


Boots o ankle boots.

You can not help but wear a pair of boots? You distinct and you impose your style fashionista as in life. Love fun and play with your femininity without exaggeration. Do you have strong values, important and not allow anyone to trample on. Attentive not only to remain it anchored to viewpoints too ironclad.

Wedge shoes

Scarpe con la zeppa.

If the wedges with you always feel at ease and can easily match them to you simply because you are an eccentric who prefers a pedestal sometimes sculptural style for the fashionable. Like having a height elegant feel but do not want to give up the convenience of being able to wear heels for a long time. The wedges are your versatile but maybe you have a little ‘doubts about what you want or who you are and that you mention the choice of a shoe cross between a classic heel 12 or a dancer.


Slippers shoes.

Honestly, I didn’t even want to insert them because those who follow me know what I think about them. But in fact, this type of shoe exists. I’m sorry, but if you’ve chosen all the models listed above, you will find that you don’t really understand much about fashion. Indeed, I correct myself. You follow it too much without realizing what it really is tasteful and classy given that this year it seems that they are their own trend. This type of shoes can only be used to stay at home like slippers or to go to the beach. Nothing else. Let’s say you’re a bit confused about what fashion really is and how it should be interpreted to come to terms with it without fail.

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