Simple nail art: 7 minimal nail styles DIY to copy

by fashionsnobber

We had to wait for the nail art trends of the last few months but finally it seems that the end of the manicure has come with very long, thick nails, full of too extravagant designs and combo of dubious choice colors. In fact, there is a return to good taste and elegance with simple nail art characterized by ease of reproduction and minimal style that is depopulating a bit in all sectors. Let’s find out together how to perform a perfect minimal nail art even alone.

Simple DIY nail art: how to perform a perfect minimal manicure

After the time of too elaborate nails that, let’s face it, make a little sciina a little burina next door, let’s start with subtle designs, small games of geometries and nuanced shade colors capable of making our manicure decidedly more chic without giving up the right touch of style. Minimal nail art is quick to do, just know how to apply the nail polish in the right way and make use of some small tool. With the help of cotton swabs, dotters, thin-tipped brushes and scotch tape we can create simple but impressive nail art with both traditional and semi-permanent nail polishes. There is no limit to the imagination, just remember that the less is the new more and follow the correct gradations of color and shade.

Minimal nail art: 7 different styles all to copy

1. Dots nail art

Nail art semplici: dots manicure.

The easiest trend to perform is certainly that of dots manicure. With the use of a cotton swab, a toothpick or a dotting tools (stick-shaped tool with one or two round steel tips at the ends) you can create a dot of any size by imprinting it on the point of the nail that we prefer.

2. French manicure with colored tips

Nail art con punte colorate.

Taking inspiration from the classic French manicure, instead of using white for the tips, we color them in another way. First, we normally apply a color of nail polish all over the nail, after drying, with the help of scotch tape or a fine brush, we give the tip the desired shape and color.

3. Geometric nail art

Geometric nail art.

Of all the manicures, it is perhaps the most difficult to perform independently. You need to have a firm hand to obtain noteworthy manual geometries. If we are not experts to be able to make a geometric nail art on our own, we must necessarily resort to the help of tools such as scotch tape or various special adhesives.

4. Manicure with colored bezels

Manicure con lunette dell'unghia colorate.

Unlike the French manicure with colored tips, this involves coloring the bezels at the base of the nail. It can be made with a nude enamel base for a natural effect or by playing with 2 contrasting colors for a more fashionable effect.

5. Multicolor manicure

Multicolor manicure.

To create a multicolor nail art just have many different shades of nail polish. It is the easiest to do but for an optimal result we need to know how to match the colors in the correct way so that they are chromatically well together. To facilitate this, I highly recommend keeping at least the same shade of tint. For example, if we use a fluorescent color, all the others must be too. In the same way, if we choose a pastel tint, all the others must be too.

6. Nail art with color gradation

Manicure con smalto in gradazione colore.

Of all the simple nail art, it is my absolute favorite. To create this type of colored manicure, it is necessary to have the nail polishes in color gradation (from the darkest to the lightest and vice versa) but of the same shade. If you want you can mix the dark color with white in order to obtain all the other necessary shades without purchasing each color. As for the application of color on the fingers, we can decide to alternate colors in infinite ways. The most fashionable are:

  • From lighter to darker. Starting from the thumb or the little finger and going to climb. The idea of ​​diversifying hands is very beautiful. If in one birth with the dark on the thumb in the other I start with the little finger. 5 colors of nail polish are needed.
  • In two colors. Alternate one finger and one no. You need 2 colors of nail polish.
  • 3 colors. Light thumb and ring finger. Dark index and little finger. Middle finger with medium color between light and dark. Optionally, you can decide to mirror the other hand. So thumb and ring finger dark color, index and little finger light and middle color remains the same.
  • 3-color variant. Thumb and medium dark color. Light color index and little finger. Medium color ring finger. The other index hand and little finger dark color, ring finger light color, thumb and medium medium color.
  • 4 colors. In one hand thumb and ring finger of the same color. In the other index and little finger of the same color.

7. Stripe nail art

Stripes manicure.

Finally, among the simplest minimal nail art there is also that of the stripe manicure. Rows can be obtained in several ways. With special nail stickers, manually with a thin tip brush or with the help of scotch tape to create them in the thickness and inclination we prefer.

Nail art semplici fai da te.

French manicure con punte colorate.

Geometric manicure.

Tante idee nail art semplici da copiare.

Multicolor simple nail art.

Manicure gradazione colore.

Simple nail art.

Minimal manicure.

Manicure smalto dal più scuro al più chiaro.

Semplice manicure primavera estate.

Simple nail art fall winter.

Minimal nail art.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “Nail Art” board with many other themed inspirations.

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