Skinny Formousia jeans, for me it’s yes!

by fashionsnobber

Starting my trial period 28 days ago I presented skinny Formousia jeans textile wellness as a preview. Today the test is officially concluded after a constant use. Very often more than the recommended 5 hours a day because once worn it becomes difficult to think of taking them off because of their comfort. In this post I will definitely tell you about my impressions of this new made in Italy product made of natural cotton fibers. Soon it will be available and marketed to make anyone fall in love.

Skinny Formousia jeans, for me is YES!

The legs are definitely more toned. The smoother, cross-shaped skin skinny Formousia jeans textile wellness have also played well in terms of water retention because I see less cellulite. Wearing them they become thinner and have an impressive push-up effect. Which woman wouldn’t want a similar result simply by wearing a nice pair of pants?
All these effects without sacrificing comfort and their wearability, able to adapt perfectly to our shapes like a glove without forcing us too much even after several washes. I’m amazed at how they never lost any of their features. To see them and touch them they look like very common stretch jeans. Good workmanship, but which can massage and improve our skin and circulation for me remains a mystery that can only be defined with the word “magic“.
Aesthetically, in addition to the colors, the fabric and the line also play the details in their favor. Delicious the golden button and the detail on the back. In this way it becomes difficult to make mistakes and not recognize them immediately.

Jeans skinny Formousia.

When they arrived I was hesitant. Too normal for classic skinny jeans to conceive they could fulfill everything they promised. And yet, today I am here to talk about it and to advise them seriously despite my low life not too welcome to me. Having said that, I leave it to you to judge progress by showing the black model of skinny Fomousia jeans worn the first day and then today. The intermediate step after 15 days of use can be seen in the post outfit in which I was wearing the beige ones.

Day 1

Jeans skinny Formousia day 1.

Day 28

Jeans skinny Formousia day 28.

For the photos I always used the iPhone in self-timer mode. Same light and same time. Flat shoes and they are not retouched and therefore filtered, dear readers, to you the final visual judgment. In my objective and clear opinion I can only see how really in 28 days my legs are more slender and even slightly leaner. Especially the thigh. Now it’s up to you to try them and tell me your point of view on skinny Formousia jeans. Meanwhile, I will continue not to do without it anymore.

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Alyssa Monique Bustillo 30.10.2015 - 9:12

It worked!
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