Social media: the decalogue of good manners online

by fashionsnobber

Today we talk about social media. Nothing complicated, it is nothing more than a generic term used to indicate the technologies adopted on the network to share textual content, images, video and audio. Basically our beloved social networks. Previously I had given advice on how to best use Instagram and Twitter but I think it is only right to do a little parenthesis on how to behave online.

The phenomenon of social networks

Social media: come comportarsi online - Social media: how to behave online.

For more than 15 years now, social networks have entered our lives, not only in the private sphere but also in the working one.
It all started in 2003 when Linkedin, a thematic social network entirely dedicated to professional and business topics, made its appearance. Today the backbone of our virtual identity.
The following year, Facebook arrives as the online version of the Harvard yearbook which today has become the most popular social network in the world.
2005, on the other hand, is the year of YouTube, a social network dedicated to the publication of videos, today one of the main entertainment sites.
In 2006 Twitter was born, an immediate and minimalist microblogging service that is not exactly easy for everyone to love.
In 2010 it was the turn of Instagram strictly linked to photo sharing.
Pinterest and Snapchat, which remain a little more niche, arrive in 2011 instead.
Finally, in 2016 comes TikTok which slowly seems to outperform any competition.

The ten commandments of internet good manners

Social media: il decalogo delle buone maniere online - Social media: the decalogue of good manners online.

Yes, even our dear social networks have written and unwritten rules of conduct. In this regard, netiquette (specifically network or internet etiquette) comes into play. In short, the etiquette of the Net that directs us to a conscious use for a good reputation for presence on social networks.

1. Remember that behind each account there is a person

First of all, although it may seem like a predictable and trivial statement, unfortunately when they publish something online, not everyone remembers that behind every account there is a real person, in flesh and blood, thinking and with feelings. Therefore, before offending, criticizing, shooting free sentences and anything else it would be appropriate to count up to 10 and realize that you can hurt for no reason and completely unnecessarily. Do you need to vent your pent-up anger? Sign up for a kickboxing course, it’s definitely healthier for everyone.

2. Be yourself and tell the truth

People online tend to trust those they perceive to be transparent. That is to say of those real, honest and sincere people who then become attached to becoming their best readers and followers. Always telling the truth is the best choice. Yes, even when it means admitting your limits. It is only in this way that credibility is gained. Winning a follower, reader, or customer online is more difficult than the ease with which you can lose because we have made fun of them by lying or passing ourselves off as what we are not.

3. Specify as much as possible

Understanding each other through cold and static words on a social network is much more difficult without tones of voice or expressions that accompany everything. For this reason, trying to specify what we want to convey as much as possible will help our audience not understand whistles for fiascos, sometimes creating unpleasant misunderstandings.

4. Admit any errors

Nobody is perfect, perfection does not exist and if it were, it would surely sting. On the internet it is impossible to erase one’s traces and to try to do it when wrong only generates suspicion with the risk of losing the estimate obtained so far. Much better to correct yourself by admitting that you were wrong and at most try to divert attention to or with other content.

5. Cite sources

When we use the words, thoughts, texts, images or videos of others it is good and customary to mention the source or, at least, if we are not able to provide it, point out that it is not our work. Do not think anyone notices it because online nothing is hidden and everything, sooner or later, for better or for worse comes out. The network does not forgive.

6. To ask is lawful, to answer is courtesy

On social media we live on conversations, comparisons, discussions, questions and answers. When something is asked, it is not only polite to respond in a timely manner but this can also allow you to create new lasting and useful relationships for the purposes of your activities.

7. Avoid spamming

Ok to share and share again but we must remember not to overdo it and to do it in the most polite and pleasant way possible. Unfollow is always lurking around the corner and spam reports via social media can lead to account suspension. In short, the game is not worth the candle, let us advertise but with caution.

8. Reread before publishing

Always returning to the discourse that nothing on the internet is ever deleted forever, let alone an error, before publishing any type of content it is advisable to take some time to reread it. Often it can save from uncomfortable spelling errors or improve the text because in the meantime a new idea has come out that maybe will make it better and more captivating.

9. Select the contacts

Filling any social network with contacts that are useless or totally distant from our interests cannot help us at all to convey our online activity in the right way. Select, select and select without fear. Those are not the numbers that count and make the difference.

10. Education and respect

As a last rule, those two little words that are being lost and contain practically everything are valid. EDUCATION and RESPECT. Always. With education and respect for others, you are always right, you become unassailable and your online reputation can only benefit.

All this to tell you that social media, for anyone who has an online business, such as a blog, is an indispensable tool. Challenging, of course, which requires constant presence, relevant content, being ready to discuss and deepen them when necessary.
In this regard, I recommend a very famous internet service provider which is 1&1. You will find numerous Digital Guides full of suggestions for those who surf and especially use the internet for work. For example, to stay on the subject, the one on social plug-ins for our website. It is essential, now that we know how to behave, all the main social networks are present, functioning well and connected with our web space. Not only do they make it easier for us to share our latest news, but they allow us to reach anyone, managing to get more following and above all targeted based on our topics and the established target.

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