Sports outfit to begin the school year with grin

by fashionsnobber

Ended holidays and it’s time to go back to the school benches for all of our kids. Even Spruzzetto di Sole this year begins elementary and officially begins a new phase of his life full of new adventures and discoveries. As a good mom passionate fashion I obviously could not address the issue of how to dress our children to go to school. My choice? With a sports outfit it is impossible to make a mistake.

5 reasons to choose a sports outfit to send our children to school

Choosing a sporty look to send our kids to school is the best solution for generations. For the time being, we are left with the fact that sporty style has lately been wiping out without being tied up exclusively and exclusively with sporting activities. But why go for the bigger one?

1. Comfort. Children need to feel comfortable and comfortable in an environment that already imposes rules and constraints to which they are to become accustomed. You do not have to be dressed like mini adults.

2. Practicality. Caps easy to wear without having to ask for help. At school you also learn to be autonomous, a teacher for 28 pupils can not stand behind everyone and the look must be able to help children dress and undress themselves as needed.

3. Freedom. The school outfit must let children move, skip, run and play at any time or interval they are granted.

4. Adaptability. Sporty looks fit perfectly into the school environment without getting out of shape, as in miniskirts, tops, or heels for girls. In short jacket and tie, too, they will have a life to wear.

5. Personality. Sporting fashion is more and more original and imaginative that can reveal the personality of our children without too much renunciation.

3 sports outfit ideas to start the school year with grin

After explaining why I prefer sports outfits for school, it seems to me that I need to give you practical examples. With my son we made a virtual tour on the site of Planet Sports, an online store with well-stocked sportswear for kids. Among the brands present you can find Volcom, Billabong, O’Neill but also Quiksilver, Nike and Adidas with all their more classic and latest products. Not only for our children but also for us. A platform whose motto “time flies when you have fun” has conquered me because it is just what I wish my son during his school days and life. So here are three outfit ideas made by Spruzzetto di Sole to face his first year of school with the grin and the awareness of having chosen and built his style together.

Outfit sportivo moda bambino per andare a scuola - Sports outfit baby fashion to go to school.

Outfit sportivo moda bambino per andare a scuola - Sports outfit baby fashion to go to school.

Outfit sportivo moda bambino per andare a scuola - Sports outfit baby fashion to go to school.

What do you say? Do you like her look ideas to go to school? But yes, let me gobble up, I know it has good taste in the blood. ;*

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