Spreadshirt prints personality without limits to fantasy

by fashionsnobber

Those who have been following me for a while know that in the past I had already made a personalized t-shirt. Worn at Milan fashion week in a street style outfit I must say that she liked it quite a lot. Since then I had never started thinking about a hypothetical personal capsule collection until my desire to play with graphics has taken over again during the blog’s restyling. With that extra touch of inspiration and fantasy, I enriched my initial idea in three different variants that thanks to the Spreadshirt online shop I had the opportunity to create.

Spreadshirt prints our personality without limiting the imagination

The Spreadshirt website is ideal for those looking for a personalized t-shirt printing service. It is very easy to use, intuitive and practical. In addition to providing us with ready-made printing ideas to customize on various items (from clothing to gadgets) if we know how to graph a minimum with a few clicks we can directly load our idea. At this point you just have to decide on the exact positioning on the different sides of the product. Then size, type of print, quantity, color, confirm and order to see it delivered to your home in a few days. What if we are not satisfied? There are 30 days to send everything back without problems. In addition, and this is very interesting and innovative, we can put our creations on sale directly in their Marketplace. Or, alternatively, open our online store by establishing our commission and consequently start earning. A perfect combo for all listening creatives.

I put black on white (and fuchsia) I’m Fashion Snobber®

Magliette Fashion Snobber.

Thanks to Spreadshirt I made three basic T-shirts in three different variations. To tell me, or rather, to tell my style and who I am.
It is no news that in my opinion a t-shirt is able to say and do as much in a look as almost as a white shirt. A bit like Giorgio Armani never separates from his total black t-shirt, I with my belief of the little black dress as an undisputed symbol of femininity and good taste I simply thought of making it present even in my most casual outfits. Like?
In the first idea it is inserted in the logo and on the back just under the crew neck of the shirt. In the second it is shown in small on the left side. Minimal but always chic. In the third and final idea, on the other hand, it is a patterned square with a single aqua green sheath dress. To convey a sort of “Sorry, I do not bind myself to this group, I will die a black sheep” about my thought that not all of this momentarily trendy or fashionable is actually classy or good taste. Not that I had a particular invention, I know, but I like them and I will use them a lot.

Maglietta Fashion Snobber.

Maglietta Fashion Snobber retro.

Recensione maglietta Spreadshirt.

T-shirt review

Spredshirt t-shirts must admit that they are really well made. Cotton is exceptional and the finishing touches on the crew neck and sleeves immediately convinced me. Same thing for the print quality kept perfectly in line with both the colors and the sizes and positioning I set. An e-commerce with an impeccable service that I would recommend to everyone.

Recensione magliette Spreadshirt.

Recensione magliette Spreadshirt.

What do you say? Did you like my ideas? As always, I leave the last sentence to readers and let’s not forget that thanks to Spreadshirt our personality can come out in a few clicks without setting limits to the imagination.

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