Outfit: navy style to cut grass and roses

by fashionsnobber

Who said that with a navy style outfit you only have to go to sea areas during the summer? I did gardening, I cut the grass and picked red roses. Something strange?

Look navy style for gardening

On a sunny spring afternoon, of dressed style ships, I decided to cut the grass in my garden, clearing out forasacchi. I aimed at them from afar and reached them at a run to remove them from my lawn where there must be only daisies and dandelion.
To be honest I have to say that now I have nothing left because I made the grass so short that it has cut every flower but thanks to the sky they grow back quickly.
Finished with the lawn, I picked up some red roses to put in my house. In this period I want red. Fire red, the living one, bright that fills your heart. That color that conveys pure passion. The passion that makes us vibrate and makes us do things with inspiration, love and so much pleasure, both for us and for others. After all we know, if we want it done well, for everything we need passion. Passion and commitment.

Look navy style.

Outfit navy style.

Navy outfit.

Outfit casual navy style.

Outfit: look navy between lines, white, red, blue and green nature

Asos straw hat. White cotton sweater with blue stripes logo typically navy style embroidered Ralph Lauren. Capri red pants solid front side with three buttons at the top on the right or left of Stradivarius. Blue leather ballerinas with round buckle and logo Ralph Lauren and finally Stradivarius bracelets tris plus one with Asos feather and H&M rings. Enamel is Tapage Chanel. Well, I think I have said all credits. The brand of roses and plants do not know, I do not think have it.

Striped cotton pull and red pants.

Dettagli outfit navy.

Straw hat and striped cotton pull.

Good start to the week, with the campaign proposal for a navy style look we are done and if I managed to make you smile again this time I wait for you at the next outfit.

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Simone Mars 12.05.2015 - 14:01 Reply
fashionsnobber 24.05.2015 - 19:46

Davvero? Grazie! :*

Beauty Follower 11.05.2015 - 20:26

Love that look, fun photos!


fashionsnobber 24.05.2015 - 19:46

Thank’s, too kind. :*


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