Studying fashion: career opportunities to choose from

by fashionsnobber

Working in fashion is the biggest dream for all fans of the sector. It is a fascinating world but with a difficult career to pursue. Studying fashion is certainly the fundamental starting point to be able to create our professional future in the best way. But what are the specializations and the different fields in which we can enter in order to work in the fashion system? Let’s find out together the most sought after and coveted professional figures from which to choose to direct our studies immediately and in the best possible way.

Studying fashion: the most coveted and requested professions

Studying fashion in Italy.

It is said in fashion there is nothing more to invent. And there are also those who suggest studying something else based on much more innovative and expanding sectors. Whether it is true or not that there are many job opportunities to choose from in the fashion world. Going in order, then following the process of the fashion industry, here are the main professional figures to refer to and to which we must aspire if we decide to studying fashion.

  • Product creation: designer, creative director, project manager, trend scouter.
  • Production: brand manager, buyer, CSR manager, export area manager, marketing manager, merchandising manager, product manager.
  • Selling: buyer, sales manager, retail manager, store manager, visual merchandiser.
  • Communication: art director, press officers, buyers, fashion editors, press managers, PR managers, stylists.
  • Web: fashion web content editor, digital marketing manager, e-commerce manager, social media manger, web designer.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for each sector. It is up to us to undertake the right professional training with constancy and determination to be able to enhance our passion and thus transform it into our work. For example, I studied fashion and in the end I came to open a blog in which I cover the professional figure of web content editor, digital marketing, social media manager, web designer and SEO specialist.

Studying in Italy: best courses for our professional training

Studiare moda in Italia. Corsi di moda Roma.

Italy boasts a long tradition in terms of clothing and style, so deciding to studying fashion in the Bel Paese is certainly the best choice. As well as knowing immediately which professional figure we want to cover. But in order to be able to enrich our training baggage in the best possible way, we must rely on a good institute.
In this regard, I would like to point out the Costume & Fashion Academy and its fashion courses in Rome. For over 50 years he has trained and trained great professionals who are still active today, not only in the world of fashion, but also in cinema, theater, costume and even opera.
A complete course of study ranging from the three-year period to the Master, plus targeted intensive and advanced training courses. Legally recognized by MIUR, they embrace all the fashion specializations we have seen before. From the creative sector to that of production, from sales to communication etc. Studying fashion allows us to develop our creativity but also to find the job that we like so much capable of keeping our greatest passion alive. Talent is important but work is essential. That is why, to those who love the sector, I will always recommend to undertake targeted studies and then to believe in it. Believe it as when we were children we used to play and dream with “Gira la moda”.

Studying fashion in Italy.

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