Sudio Vasa for the soundtrack of your life

by fashionsnobber

Take a Swedish lifestyle brand, excellent materials, a minimal line design, chic and elegant, add some pink, some golden touch, turn the music on your phone with earphones Sudio Vasa handmade you will have high quality sounds without give up your most fashionable and glamorous side. What do you want?

Sudio Vasa earphones to improve the soundtrack of your life

Life without music would not make sense, everyone has songs you listen and listen again even after years can make us feel strong emotions, some even shed tears again, while others make us sing out loud and dance like if there were no tomorrow. I find myself often to jump on the bed with an imagined guitar or simply sitting looking out the window leaving lulled by my favorite notes. It’s relaxing and sometimes makes me even find good inspiration for the blog.
Think when changing from one melody all this succession of emotions can be improved by a small object that we all have at least a couple.

Fashion Snobber con gli auricolari rosa Sudio Vasa.

I had the pleasure of trying the earphones Swedish Sudio Vasa and was pleasantly surprised not only for its exceptional design and the ability to choose the color we most liked in pink, blue, black and white, but especially for the clarity of sounds. No obstruction of the melody, no external noise that leaks out, but only in the ears music, my music, my soundtrack of life that when I walk to Milan or for my Tuscan village can not and must not miss.
An exceptional product that will meet the needs of anyone presented with a packaging that are the envy at Apple. Inside, besides the earphones you will find the quality control certification card with the serial number of your article, a small instruction booklet, a matching leather pouch of the same color of the headphones where you can store them when you are not using, a clip to stop the earphone cord and four different interchangeable caps measures in order to find the most suitable to the shape of your ears to make sure they do not fall at the slightest movement. Finally deserves attention the thread feature that is not as round as we usually see it end plate and to prevent kinking. For me innovation brilliant and compelling as well as a valuable product so now I can say with certainty that my new headphones Sudio headphones Vasa will be essential and I do not I will separate more.
But before leaving I do a nice gift leaving you a promotional code that will give you the opportunity to have suffered a 15% discount on any product you want to buy Sudio. In fact you can just use the coupon code fashionsnobber on their website to see you immediately applied promotion. What are you waiting? Up, up, strength, earphones Sudio Vasa are conquering the world, do not do the snobs and let conquer you! :*

Auricolari Sudio Vasa.

Auricolari Sudio Vasa - Earphones Sudio Vasa.

Auricolari Sudio Vasa - Earphones Sudio Vasa.

Auricolari Sudio Vasa - Earphones Sudio Vasa.

Auricolari Sudio Vasa - Earphones Sudio Vasa.Auricolari Sudio Vasa - Earphones Sudio Vasa.Auricolari Sudio Vasa - Earphones Sudio Vasa.

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Leftbankgirl 13.04.2016 - 21:30

These sound fantastic! Amazing photos! The headphones are so cute too


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