What to suitcase for a 15 day travel

by fashionsnobber

Make the suitcase for me is always a nightmare. I start with the best intentions of being able to carry around a few heads and then finish with the exaggeration and find myself half a closet. What then, objectively, not even exploit all.

What to be behind for a travel?

A lot of times I found myself having to pay the surcharge at the airport and arrive at the hotel with his arms ached and more than half a meter long. Simply, I am exhausted, it is time to make a change to this my mania “all I can always serve.” But before I tell you about it, I wanted to give it a try. I was gone about 10 days. I was in Lenno on Lake Como, where I have a family home where I go often, and if I were not able not to get some head I could still wash and iron it. It seemed a good one to test this new way of making the suitcase. I confess that for me was very hard. Before leaving it took two days of intensive failures and breakups of continuous luggage. In the end it seemed to be naked game.
Now that I’m back, however, I feel very happy to have succeeded and this method works great.

What to put in a suitcase for a 10/15 day trip? I carry only 16 clothing

My suitcase included 16 heads over ten clock without accessories, earrings or bracelets that I wear almost permanently and the intimate. Practically nothing. Yet they managed to pull off many outfits and always look dressed differently. The result was similar to this.

Cosa mettere in valigia per un viaggio di 10 giorni.

1. Shirt fantasy.
2. White shirt.
3. Light blue shirt.
4. T-shirt in jersey.
5. T-shirt with stripes.
6. Blouse fantasy.
7. Ivory Tank.
8. High waist skinny jeans.
9. Pants fantasy.
10. Jeans boyfriend.
11. Cardigan.
12. Pull oversize.
13. Blazer.
14. Trench.
15. Skirt.
16. Dress t-shirt.

How to seem always dressed differently with 16 items

For convenience I tried to reproduce the wardrobe that I took with me in my suitcase using only H&M clothes. To search for the exact item in my possession, I would take years and perhaps I could tell you about it next year. The colors I used are exactly the same as well as the type of cut and shape is very similar.
As you can see the main color is blue, then I selected my wardrobe a neutral color that would be comfortable with both of fantasies, with both the plain. The classic cream/ivory is perfect to avoid mistakes. As well as the leather color for basic accessories (belt, large bag and wanting a pair of shoes). Being a quiet holiday with my son in tow I gave to choosing a ballerina heels and terse. comfortable and practical shoes for any journey in which we must also walk a lot to visit. I explained this here are some examples of how I shot together the various leaders. Of course they come out many more outfits because each piece blends well with any other. Below I have listed only 16, while the central one is the outfit used for travel. The trench and pashmina I have not included them in the various changes of look because they are the fixed piece that can be used on all depending on the climate or the individual individual needs.

16 different outfits with 16 pieces of clothing in a suitcase.

I hope this little guide on how to deal with a suitcase of 15 days will be useful and if you have any other advice or tip from me please, I’m sure I can still improve with your help.

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