Tattoo ideas: how to best wear your life

by fashionsnobber

Tattoo. Topic that has always created debates between those who praise them, perhaps exaggerating in making too many, and those who denigrate them considering them “spots”. The only certain thing is that those who do not even have one are now a real rarity out of the choir. Today we deal with this very theme by concluding with many beautiful inspirations and new tattoo ideas.

A tattoo to say who you are

I have one. I gave it to myself four years ago despite the fact that the drawing was in my head since I was 16. I always knew what the most representative subjects for my best tattoo ideas were, and still are. Dandelion flowers, butterflies, feathers, wings, a camera and of course something about Sailor Moon or superheroes. It only took me a while to decide. For fear of pain (in fact I have not felt absolutely anything and I recommend the back to all the fearful) and because I was waiting to enclose in that first drawing at least a couple of my favorite themes associating them with something important that happened in my life. To the point of making it indelible on my skin.
In a nutshell it represents a dandelion, its pistils that come off by a whisker and three butterflies of different sizes. Visually it doesn’t seem like anything. But each component has precise meanings concerning my life so far.

Dandelion and butterflies tattoo

Tatuaggio dandelion o dente di leone con farfalle.

First, the simplest and perhaps most common for many people’s tattoo ideas are butterflies. Subject to which I have been linked since childhood for their transmission of freedom and lightness. Characteristics with which I constantly try to live my life. Three, because the “3” is the number of perfection that I constantly look for when I do something (even if I don’t succeed) and it is my favorite number. Three because in the family that I built we are three and each according to its size represents my husband (the largest), me (the average with the most feminine line) and my son (the smallest) with possibilities, you never know , one day to be able to add more if I go crazy deciding to have another child.
The flower is my favorite flower. It is linked to my paternal grandmother, who passed away too long ago and to whom I was bound beyond imagination. I had a very bad time when he left me. I left Milan overnight because I could no longer live in that city that still knew about you and I have not set foot in it for years. I didn’t think I would be able to overcome it and the easiest thing to do when you are young and inexperienced is to run away. She is tied to that flower because she presented it to me. It taught me to blow and make a wish when the pistils flew away. A simple game, as a child but to which I am still very attached and I practice constantly every time I see one. If I don’t, I have a grip on my heart. She is in that gesture. She is in that flower. If I ignore it, it is as if I ignored her while she came to greet me, blossoming right where she knows I will pass. I will see her and greet her in our own way, with that little ritual. I know this speech is absurd but I have given myself this explanation to go on when a lack takes your breath away. And then never stop dreaming and never stop having desires, right?
Here, my tattoo contains all this. My grandmother who with the delicacy of a breath is always present and watches over my family. More details are the thirty pistils that represent my first thirty years of life and the exact day I got it tattooed, the day of my thirtieth birthday.

And nothing, this boring personal introduction was used to come to us and make us understand how I think about tattoos.

Tattoos to wear your life and not that of others

I’m not the type who gets a tattoos names, do not like, I know too much of death and a tattoo in my opinion should not be something that everyone needs to understand. In my opinion there tatuiamo for imprinting upon something that is or was important for US, for our life up to that point and not necessarily have to be a fashion quirk with a symbol haphazardly just because it’s trendy or does the star of the moment. What do you do, you adapt inventing a meaning to a drawing that you did not choose, you have transformed, and you do not feel you, but wow, is equal to that of Rihanna! With the conclusion that when you see it you just say, “Look, a tattoo the same as…” Good satisfaction. It is more romantic represent their loved ones rather than any moment of life through a symbol that only we know why we chose it and wishing we can then explain it and tell it to who we want? Then from the outside, anyone can read whatever they want but at least will not be identical to a thousand others?
Ok, the stars are stars, the symbol of infinity is, a specific type of flower can not change, but the details can make a difference just like in fashion. We will bring us to life, must be important and significant for us and not for others or to make us say, “Cool! You have a tattoo.”

Tattoos tips

Also we prefer easily coverable areas so that you can hide well when you are in situations where it is not morality be shown or sbuchi half and half is not. Not fancy, let’s say, and no, not even in 2016 where they tattooed even our pets. We choose areas where the skin remains also quite pulled to 90 years not to find ourselves a daisy at 30 and a balloon (inflated or deflated depending on the case) to 80 and think well when we take this decision because a momentary spasm could make us regret that day or lead us to draw on other things pulling off roofs to the beautiful and better. I refrain from commenting on the other hand areas such as breast, groin, sit and Dimples of Venus. For me there are always vulgar tattoos because provoke deliberately bringing the look in those areas of the body. Series, you the circles.
And so on tattoos I had to have my say. These in my opinion are the key findings that are or not of good tattoos.
Maybe I’m wrong for many, but for me, the eternal romantic and fascinated by the hidden meanings, veiled, imagined, a tattoo must be heard for themselves not an accessory to show off to others.
Finally I do not think I’ll stop at one, indeed I’ve already got a couple but I wait for the right moment, that instant when I will say, “Okay, now I can stop this instant and write it on my skin to never forget and always take it with me”. Obviously small, sober and nascondibili, coarse I already have one, do not want to become a sticker album, I’m not the type.
That said, I leave you some inspiration tattoo in black and white, today I do not feel like colors are nostalgic, with the hope that if they like them not copied verbatim but you take inspiration modifying them to your taste, personality and above all meaning.

Idee tatuaggi dandelion o dente di leone.

Butterfly tattoos idea inspirations.

Disegno acchiappa sogni.

Tattoo ideas with wings.

Tattoo ideas inspirations.

Moon tattoo.

Tattoo camera.

Tatuaggio per chi ama la fotografia.

Disegno rondini in volo.

Idee tatuaggi con scritta.

Credits:Images found on Pinterest and for other infinite tattoo ideas I recommend viewing the “Tattoo inspirations” board constantly updated.

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paul 07.07.2021 - 12:22

Thank you for the tips. I like a tattoo. It is fancy. I’m looking for under breast tattoo wings for my wife. It will be cool to have a tattoo.


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