Tell me which luxury brand you prefer and tell you who you are

by fashionsnobber

And after the fashion tests on our favorite  It-Bag and the shoes model is the turn of the luxury brands. The luxury brand you prefer can in fact tell you who you are and the style that represents you. In the selection I relied on the ranking drawn up in 2015 by Brain & Company to decree the 10 most luxurious and powerful luxury brands in the world.

Choose your favorite luxury brand and let’s see if it really represents you.

Tell me which luxury brand you prefer and I will tell you who you are and the style that represents you

1. Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta home page.

If luxury brand you prefer is Oscar de la Renta you are an elegant, sophisticated and super feminine woman. Attracted by the Latin style and his characteristic charming and colorful are a sunny person, cheerful and lively. Especially love to wear evening gowns and cocktail provided that exalt your sensuality and femininity always walking “as if there were three men behind you“, the most famous advice of well-known designer you did yours with a disarming naturalness.

2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton fashion test luxury brand you prefer.

Do you love Louis Vuitton deeply? Style and glamor are your philosophy of life. You are a woman attracted to luxury goods and loves to be spoiled, courted and treated like a queen. You do not want to make you miss anything and everything has to be top of the range. Traveling is one of your top priorities if in first class even better. You have a refined style and pay close attention to details such as distinctive trait of your personality for that woman of strong character who knows what he wants and how to get it.

3. Prada

Prada fashion test luxury brand you prefer.

Is Prada luxury brand you prefer? You are a woman from the consistent and singular vision not only of life but also of your uniqueness. Not at all conventional and disciplined, let’s face it, you’re very capricious, you can switch from a glamorous style often excessive to another much more measured where your femininity is enhanced by nudity is not required as much as fantasy prints on a large scale without abandoning one style decidedly retro departure. The see-your trump card.

4. Chanel

Chanel home page.

The woman who loves Chanel has an innate class, is chic and elegant. You bring everyone to turn around even when you wear a simple tee and a pair of jeans. It is your way of doing that enchants. Your composure and almost aristocratic education in your sobriety. You are a simple, relaxed, clear and true woman. You are not afraid to be sincere for better or for worse. To describe yourself, the most famous affirmation of the great Coco Chanel is enough: “fashion passes style remains“. And you definitely remain in people’s hearts as the only and inimitable source of inspiration.

5. Dior

Dior fashion test luxury brand you prefer.

Is Dior luxury brand you prefer? Meticulous and conservative who wants to surprise and yet be worshiped by wearing garments that enhance its forms with the right sinuous without being never vulgar. Ambassador of the total look you can not resist those complete outfit with shoes and accessories perfectly matched. You’re a simple woman cross that knows how to love the little things but your extreme safety you know to sell and sponsor perfectly in the workplace with afford to get anywhere, anyplace.

6. Gucci

Gucci fashion test luxury brand you prefer.

Do you find yourself much in Gucci’s style? You are a woman from the conscious glamorous and sophisticated as well as a strong person, with very clear values and principles that you do not intend to abandon. Difficult to change your mind even if you’re intrigued by the experiment and often love to play with your sexuality, exalting some sides. Do you enjoy vintage and reinterpreting it in your own way but often remain too attached to the past as well as learn lessons from which will be influenced in the present and for the future.

7. D&G

Dolce & Gabbana home page.

Of all the luxury brand you prefer D&G? You are a woman with a rebellious past to go bucking was his main philosophy. Today you are very sensual with an animalistic side if you want and you have a strong identity rooted traditions. You can be very sexy and feminine even when you wear or casual clothes with a masculine cut without ever giving up the luxury, the real one made of gold and hints of past times of kings and queens. Sometimes it flaunts, but without malice and in any case you can never lose that your dreamy side of girl, and perhaps that’s what makes you special.

8. Armani

Armani home page.

The woman who chooses Armani is refined with a minimalist distinctive trait. The series “clear agreements and long friendship” or “little but good“. Attracted and curious towards the eastern culture often you wear a flavor but fashion for you is not show as much classicism and timelessness. With a jacket you feel always perfect and never out of place and the leaders masculine cut perfectly fit your style. Are you a person realistic, down to earth and all of a piece that acts as if before asking for help. Your freedom of life and expression is indispensable and in fact you feel free beyond any fashion trend and called by the fashion system.

9. Burberry

Burberry luxury brand fashion test.

Is Burberry the luxury brand you prefer and love most? You are a woman from the aristocratic and elegant spirit, chic with a savoir faire English, whether you like it or not to accept. Do not fear the future, even inside you already know very well what you want to do, where you go and what you get with the same awareness of what you’ll never want to do, become so. You have an elegant and sober style, simply impeccable always looking forward to you and never look back half a time, no matter what happens or has happened.

10. Versace

Versace luxury brand.

Exuberant, lover of historical classicism, sexy, determined and daring, you can jump from a sporty, more casual, to a more classic and elegant style without batting an eyelid. You are a woman with a strong and impulsive character. You like to have your say and experiment beyond measure without ever being afraid to do it. Being on the front line certainly doesn’t scare you. Sometimes you let yourself be infected by extremism and eccentricity but your hypnotic tempering bewitches and everything becomes pleasantly perfect.

It must be said that Chanel in fourth position I would never have said it like an Oscar de la Renta first but the data don’t lie and the proceeds don’t either. For the rest, they are all noteworthy luxury brands and my opinion is always questionable.
Having said that, what do you think of the ranking and above all I got caught with the aspects that characterize you?

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