The Bon Ton Fashionista

by fashionsnobber
The Bon Ton Fashionista

We’re all good to wear clothes and accessories to make us more or less fashion victim but we are sure of knowing how to lead properly when we wear them?
The bon ton has strict rules to be respected in order not to be never vulgar, unpleasant or inadequate with distinct differences in some points between man and woman. Let’s see what.


Bon Ton fashionista woman

Underwear. You should never see, it is vulgar and disturbing sight. Better choose it under clothes transparent flesh-colored.
Socks. Never laddered tights or nude as they get older. Paris never falling or puncture as the short socks, in turn, never white unless it is for sport.
Shirt. A short sleeves are not elegant, choose it always long times rolling it between the cuff toward the shoulder to keep the elbow discovered. Always well ironed.
Hat. Take off always in closed spaces.
Hoodies. The cap should not be worn as long as there is a sudden change of climate. Do not make the misfits, it is never out of style.
Jacket. Do not ever fastens the top button, the first to be closed at the discretion and center would be closed more or less forever. Seating goes undone.
Jewels. Never big pieces together and never wear them at funerals or at the beach.
Gloves. When you by the hand to greet or introduce yourself to be taken away to the right hand.
Miniskirt. if you’re wearing this garment you do not have to sit with his legs apart they stand on it. Thigh length is decent, the shorter you are considered vulgar and not very good.
Nail Polish. Always perfect, never chipped or worn. The hands are the calling card of women. Receiverships.
Shoe model “ciabatta”. For instance those that do not keep the heel firmly to the shoe. Walking without “shuffling”, without causing the annoying noise that makes you feel to get away.
Plunge on the breast. Never in the morning and never when you go to retrieve their children to school. Only from aperitif on is granted. Of course always with decency and respect for those who see.
Sunglasses. Do not rely where you eat, when you greet need to be removed or lifted. Same thing in closed spaces.
Clock. On evening dresses should not be worn.
Perfume. It should feel not feel at this point that it becomes nauseating.
Scarf. Never wear it over your mouth. You are not VIP you do not have to recognize.
Smartphone. Not on the table where you eat as sunglasses. When you are going to respond to apologize to those you have in front of and away discreetly without letting the world know what we’re talking about and do not use voice tones too high.
Heels. Avoid ticking noise that is caused when the rubber under the heel is worn. If you need to make a change of shoes appartatevi, maleducatissimo change them in public.
Trick. If you wear makeup very eyes avoid lipsticks strong and vice versa. The morning should be light almost nonexistent to weight and get stronger gradually with the arrival of the evening. Wanting to appear a few years less okay but 10 no. Avoid colors very strong but try to keep in nuance and harmony with our look.

Man (only points not totally in common with the woman, the rest is covered by the same rules as above).

Bon Ton fashionista men.

Underwear. The belt does not lower door of his underwear. Not fashionable guys, it’s just in bad taste if you can talk about taste.
Socks. The court never white unless it is for sport. Those long under pants would be better than dark colors, patterned but is always dark. Obviously never pierced.
Shirt. As for women in short sleeves are not elegant, choose it always long rolling it three times from wrist to shoulder in order to keep the elbow discovered. If you do not wear a tie the top button is undone, the first eh, not the first five! Always well ironed.
Hat. Take off always in closed while when you greet a woman outdoors gesture is polite wave to take it off.
Complete. Indispensable. With shades of blue and gray is never wrong. Plain better, but if you want a pinstripe that is never too strong to not look like a gangster.
Tie. The node should never be too big and tie never end. Those that are fashionable now no ties but wire cloth.
Jacket. The only event that should not be untied to sit when you wear a double-breasted jacket.
Clock. Worn on the wrist to please no.
Pochette. Your dear pocket handkerchief that you immediately that style dandy must have a fantasy than the tie.

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