TheColorSoup: the online shop that was missing

by fashionsnobber

It is summer, an holiday air, you want lightness, colors and beautiful discoveries. Great ideas never stop, not even fantasy, dreams and being able to find a place to make all this possible. For this reason today I want to tell you about TheColorSoup. Only the name says it already long for me that I love colors. I fell in love instantly and I’m sure it will be like that for you too.

The online shop that was missing

TheColorSoup online shop.

TheColorSoup is an emerging and constantly growing start-up in H-Farm. For those not familiar, it is a center for research and innovation in the field of technology and new media. Located near Venice, a team of Italian kids try to make something new. Such as? Providing an on demand digital printing service of strictly Made in Italy fabrics. Trendy graphics for clothing, furnishings and more for the children’s world.
And you’re already wondering how it is possible right? I’ll explain it to you right away.
Any user who has a graphic idea can upload his project and print it on 20 raw fabric bases. Be inspired by the creative spirit of the TheColorSoup team as well as create and share your experiences with community members.

Shop online tessuti made in Italy.

What exactly is TheColorSoup?

TheColorSoup is not an online shop, it is THE ONLINE SHOP for all lovers of uniqueness.
Anyone among you who is a graphic designer, a lover of sewing and personalization thanks to them will have the opportunity to create printed fabrics designed in complete freedom. Without limitations to the imagination with style and quality Made in Italy.
Combining creativity, technology and Made in Italy to create innovative solutions that meet and anticipate the needs of the textile market are among their priorities allowing, thanks to digital printing, a high degree of customization while offering the possibility to order even small quantities according to the requirements.
The wide range of products, the attention to quality and the vocation to innovation are therefore the basis of their values. There is nothing to say, a service that we will hear so much about and a dynamic team that promises great results. I look forward to discovering the users’ first achievements and maybe even yours. I’m sure authentic masterpieces will come out. Who knows, maybe a personalized fabric will come to my mind too. Maybe a print with the silhouette of the sheath of my logo elaborated in some way. Mmm… I could really think about it.

What do you think? Come on, get the ideas out and make them, now thanks to TheColorSoup it’s possible.

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fashionsnobber 13.07.2015 - 11:37

Thank’s Idu! Happy Monday! :*


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