5 things to know the Milan fashion week

by fashionsnobber

Today officially begins the Milan Fashion Week. For six days you breathe fashion pure in every corner of the city. For men implies feast his eyes with models that emerge from everywhere, and for passionate women a continuous dream of being able to have a particular item or accessory sported in parades or presentations for the next stagione.But what do we really know about the fashion week? The difference between haute couture and prêt à porter ready to wear to how to attend a fashion show. The world of fashion, as the law does not admit ignorance.

What is fashion week

The first fashion week dates back to 1943 in New York and served exclusively as an advertisement for the local fashion. It was not until the end of World War II to get this new type of event even in London, Milan and Paris. Today, along with New York these cities are defined the four “fashion capitals” par excellence. The week of fashion always lasts from six to seven days. It allows all the fashion houses to present through shows, presentations or other events their latest collections for next season. So even dictate in advance the latest trends in color, type of garments and styles.

5 things to know about Milan Fashion Week to ignorance trial

1. Milan is the third capital of fashion in the event order. In fact, the first fashion week starting is always the one in New York, followed by London, then Milan and finally Paris.

2. The women’s fashion week is held in February and September. That of men’s fashion in January and in June.

3. In the February fashion shows are presented collections for next autumn-winter and on those of September the spring-summer of the following year.

4. The haute couture is the high fashion. Luxury garments mainly in unique pieces tailored for a very limited group. Prêt à porter, however, literally means “ready to wear“. Namely those collections by mass production. The leaders are not tailored but made in standard sizes and in large quantities ready to be marketed around the world.

5. In order to attend the fashion shows, events and more exclusive presentations you must have an invitation. And always contact, and can be delivered printed at home or sent by mail. How to receive it? There is little to do, or you are big customers of the brand (not just buy an accessory per month for instance), or are journalists, buyers, real influencer or insiders. Of course also be established blogger can help but talk about big numbers. Otherwise, the only hope is to get in touch with the press offices of the brand and please him. Finally, to know the exact schedule of events of the Milan fashion week just go on the website of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

These I think are the 5 basic things and ignorance proof that at least everyone should know before you talk to any of the most famous fashion week. And you? What you have to add to that?

Settimana della moda di Milano sfilata Dolce & Gabbana - Milan fashion week fashion show Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan fashion week fashion show Alberta Ferretti.

Milan fashion week fashion show Versace.

Milano fashion week sfilata Gucci.

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