The first three years of Fashion Snobber

by fashionsnobber

13 March 2015, 13 March 2018. The first three years of Fashion Snobber have arrived and today it seems right to celebrate this birthday blog with you. First of all because if I arrived at three it is all thanks to my readers, so yours, and then later it is also a bit of my merit. Yes, because to my amazement, despite everything and do not know how, I can still keep my virtual space standing. So let’s celebrate and happy birthday to

Three years of Fashion Snobber, changes and evolutions

Il terzo anno di Fashion Snobber - The third year of Fashion Snobber.

In the first three years of Fashion Snobber, many things have changed. Something has been added, something is going to be lost and something else will be added and modified again. For example, I integrated the “nerd inside” section. It is proving very successful and giving advice sharing what little I know about these things I like a lot. The outfits instead are slowly going away. In my opinion, it is a certain age, I’m more attracted to the contents and show how I’m dressed bores me. I do not care anymore about the others so I think “let’s face the other way”. Maybe I will do it again but only if they are strictly necessary. Obviously I will always talk about fashion because it is my main passion but I feel the need and the need to expand topics and views. In fact, even my real life has never been just fashion.

Fashion Snobber, is born, grows, changes

Exactly like me the blog was born, grows and changes continuously. As my interests evolve, he too does it, as my way of seeing things changes, so does he. Most likely the readers will also reflexively, except perhaps those more loyal to me than to the blog itself. I also realized I had a specific target to protect and try not to disappoint. For this reason, often some sponsorships are not accepted as well as some topics are not really treated. I write because I like it, photographer because I enjoy it. Remains far from me the management of this space designed just to raise money, as it will never change it’s ironic, playful personality, without ever taking it self too seriously and let’s say it, even a little bother.

Fashion Snobber terzo blog compleanno - Third birthday blog Fashion Snobber.

Three years of Fashion Snobber, best wishes for a good birthday blog!

Tre anni di Fashion Snobber buon blog compleanno - Three years of Fashion Snobber good birthday blog.

I often wondered what I could wish the blog on the day of his birthday and at the end I will only wish him at least a little bit of all the best there is. I wish him always to rejoice for his readers, their comments and their visits even when they are different from what he expected. I wish he could get far if he wanted to, while remaining close to those who love and those who love him. Then I wish him to laugh carefree or scream at the top of his voice always free from any bond or fear because it is genuine. I wish him to talk to the web with his most true and sincere words and with the lens of his camera. How can he tell and see things no one ever. Finally, I also wish him to be happy with everything he built day by day, appreciating the beauty of his story. Successes and failures, for better or for worse. Today, as in every other day, I wish him to get the best out of anything in store for him.

Let’s celebrate together three years of Fashion Snobber

Three years for the web are nothing but for me there are many. Still being here shows how much I really love what I have put up and I hope it can last at least another 1095 days. But now we celebrate together taking a slice of cake made by the pastry shop Bocci of San Vincenzo (Li) that I will never stop thanking. But first it’s up to you. Today is the right blog party? If you deserve a gift, no? This space is yours too and I would like to know if you have any wishes. A new column, a specific topic, advice on something special. In short, what you would like to find here to read. Provided it is not quantum physics feel free to tell me what you would expect from Fashion Snobber and I will try to thank you so. Writing an article that can help you or please. Thank you for being here. Thank you for still trusting me with me. :*

Torta di blog compleanno - Birthday blog cake.

Torta di buon compleanno - Happy birthday cake.

Foto flat lay torta di blog compleanno - Flat lay photo of birthday blog cake.

Torta blog compleanno Fashion Snobber - Cake birthday Fashion Snobber blog.

Torta tiffany blog compleanno - Tiffany cake blog birthday.

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Fashionably Idu 14.03.2018 - 5:08

Congratulation on your 3rd year darling!!! What a lovely way to celebrate! Cheers to many more years of amazing posts!


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