The 10 most glamorous fashion fabrics ever

by fashionsnobber

We know millions of types of fabrics. From simple cotton in its various weights to linen, satin, tulle up to the most sought after such as silk or cashmere. But which are the fabrics that are most considered fashionable that never, ever lack in fashion shows and in the countless collections that the biggest brands offer us year after year? They tend to be ten, let’s find out together.

The 10 main fashion fabrics


Tessuti di moda: il broccato.

Brocade is a fabric with particular colored patterns obtained by working in discontinuous textures that do not cross its entire width. Tradition wants it in silk with designs in gold or silver although this technique can be applied to countless other fibers. One of the most particular and impressive fabrics.


Fashion fabrics: cashmere.

Textile fiber created using the hair of a particular type of goat found mainly in the mountainous regions of Asia. To obtain this fabric, the undercoat down is the best part to use as it is softer than the rest of the hair. It is one of the particularly soft and very warm fabrics. In Italy, among the major cashmere production brands are Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli and Ermenegildo Zegna.


Tessuti di moda: denim.

Denim, or more simply called jeans, is an ancient fabric produced using a linen warp and the cotton weft while today it is made entirely of cotton. The plot is white and the blue warp. Its main features are strength and resistance, in fact it was born for work clothes. Today it is one of those fabrics most used for casual and everyday garments.

Eco-leather and eco-fur

Tessuti ecopelle e ecopelliccia.

Eco-leather is a fabric with reduced environmental impact that should not be confused with fake leather which instead implies the creation of a fabric impregnated or covered with materials of non-animal origin such as polyurethane resins or completely synthetic.
Ecological fur, on the other hand, is a fabric that imitates animal hair using mainly cotton, viscose or synthetic fibers such as acrylic.


Fashion fabrics: Jacquard.

The jacquard fabric takes its name from the same frame that produces it thanks to a mechanism in which the individual warp threads are moved to reproduce complex, geometric or variously figured designs on the fabric. It is one of the most elaborately graphic fabrics.


Fashion fabrics: Matelassé.

To create the matelassé, a machine-like quilted effect is created with light padding forming rhombuses or horizontal lines. It was mainly used on wool or satin fabrics but today its innumerable interpretations know no limits. Just think of the iconic Chanel original bags.


Tessuti di moda: il pizzo.

Also called trina or lace is a fabric with a particular processing of yarns that allows to obtain a light and precious fabric. The operation is not carried out on a starting fabric as we are used to thinking generally but it is itself the construction of a plot in a vacuum. Definitely one of the most romantic fabrics ever.


Fashion fabrics: silk.

Silk is a very precious and refined fabric that is obtained from the cocoon of particular caterpillars called “silkworms” and from which this cloth takes its name.


Fashion fabrics: tweed.

Precisely in wool, tweed is native to Scotland and very consistent to allow it to last for years. Its armor creates an optical result of fabric with diagonal stripes or designs obtained from various combinations such as the twill effect but also the houndstooth, the tartan and the checked (square). One of the most used fabrics in the fall winter collections.



A type of fabric that has a thick pile or a series of tiny wire rings on the face with the possibility of creating a striped effect. Velvet is mainly made using two warps and a single weft.

Now that we’ve known the main fashion fabrics, don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite. Personally, I deeply love denim, cashmere and tweed.

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FURORE magazine (@FUROREmag) 13.09.2015 - 15:54

Interesting article but as fabric student Im not a fan of brocade and matelasse!


Denise 12.09.2015 - 22:13

If I dared, I would say that this post was written to me, because I simply loooove fabrics! I love brocade, silk, lace, velvet, tweed… some more than others, but I really loved to see these fabrics here! Everywhere I go I try to find a fabric’s shop to buy a piece!

Lenya 12.09.2015 - 18:09

Great post, Luna. My favorite fabric? I dunno, I haven’t really thought about it, I love silk, lace, linen……Happy weekend.

Rachel Holliday 12.09.2015 - 11:33

This was a really interesting and informative post :) My faves have to be lace and denim

Rachel xx


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