The 10 most glamorous fashion pattern ever

by fashionsnobber

After having talked about the 10 most fashionable fabrics we could not miss the 10 pattern, texture, let’s call them what we prefer, always in fashion and always in vogue in the passage of time. As always, even in this case, there are must-haves. The timeless that season after season, more or less forcefully, return among the trends of the moment.

The 10 main fashion pattern

Before discovering the most fashionable textures it is necessary to know what they are exactly. Pattern are motif, printed or sewn onto a fabric, which are repeated regularly. They can be made up of one or more graphic elements and colors. In the event that only one design is presented, such as at the center of a shirt, they are simply called printing.


Pattern Animalier.

This type of pattern print recalls the original one of the animal coat. Whether they are from the savannah or on a farm like a cow’s coat, it does not matter. What matters is to totally copy what Mother Nature gave him. With the animalier, there is no risk of going unnoticed.

Chevron (Zig Zag)

Chevron or zig zag texture.

They are not simple lines but a real zigzag design. The chevron geometric texture can be presented in countless colors, sizes and inclinations.


Floral pattern.

Of the floral fantasy it is impossible to get tired, there are millions of them, but what I say, trillions of variations. The important thing is to reproduce nature thanks to a flower, the whole plant or just a leaf. Definitely the favorite and most reinterpreted in the warm seasons.


Geometric texture.

The geometric pattern is immediately a bit ’60s. It is set aside and taken up by brands and designers as they please. A year considered out and the following year in. One thing is certain, personal taste does not matter. There is always a type of texture used and reused to infinity for the multiple possibilities of graphic creations that can be invented.

Pied de Poule

Pied de Poule texture.

The Pied de Poule is one of the most chic and timeless geometric patterns. Essential for autumn and winter, it is impressive both printed and directly sewn into a fabric. On coats and sheaths it is a real must have.


Polka dot pattern.

For those who haven’t noticed yet, it’s one of my favorite fantasies. Polka dots or pois are considered to be the bon ton pattern par excellence. Any garment with this texture immediately acquires its own chic and feminine charm. The most elegant variant is without a doubt the one with the black background and the white polka dots.

Pop Art

Pop Art texture.

Many brands have succumbed to the Pop Art press over the years and lately Moschino is the master. Drawings in comic style, a detail or all the fabric, that make us feel like we just came out of one of our favorite cartoons or manga.


Stripes pattern.

Unforgettable the pattern with nautical stripes launched by Coco Chanel in the common clothing. Since then they have been seen in every shape, color and size becoming a real wildcard texture. For a look from the most sophisticated to a more summery one in navy style. One thing is certain, spring, summer, autumn, winter, no season can prevent us from wearing them. Are you gaining weight horizontally? And who cares, there will always be that model of boss despite the fantasy capable of hiding the bacon or a few kg more.


Tartan texture.

The geometric tartan pattern speaks for itself. A favorite for a preppy and collegial style, he immediately made a lot of English style. It is used a lot not only in fashion but also in interior design. The only flaw, in my opinion, binds a little too much to autumn-winter.


Vichy pattern.

The Vichy or simply square pattern is a delicate pattern in pastel colors but can become gritty in shades of black and blue. Mainly suitable for hot seasons, it is often revived by fashion designers to be repeated without being able to get bored. In my opinion it is always impeccable. Another must-see must.

That being said, what is your favorite pattern?

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Stella 18.09.2015 - 22:44

Wonderful patterns! I always love houndstooth!

Valentina 18.09.2015 - 10:00

Io sono la noia, perché per me l’ideale è la tinta unita. Poi però amo molto righe e pois giganti, e per quanto riguarda tutto il resto è da valutare caso per caso. Con la moda io faccio dei voltafaccia pazzeschi, cose che nella mia testa mi dico assolutamente non le metterò mai, succede poi che realizzate in un modello particolare invece mi piacciono!


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