10 Top & Flop fashion show autumn winter 2017/18

by fashionsnobber

After the autumn-winter colors of the season, the time has come for my usual selection of the 10 Top & Flops from the fashion shows. In the blog I prefer to try to remain constant talking about the current season to avoid confusion by suddenly passing from a present trend to one that is still too future. Let’s find out together what the fashion show autumn winter 2017/18 of the big fashion brands have reserved for this winter.

!. As always I speak for my personal opinion by dwelling on the usability of the collection for a woman more or less normal. I certainly do not doubt the professionalism, the originality and the talent of any stylist since we are talking about high fashion and are all brands that we would love to have in our wardrobes. But every now and then they exaggerate and say. Who I did not name was because I did not particularly hit me in good or bad.

The 10 Top & Flop fashion show autumn winter 2017/18


Top fashion show autumn winter 2017/18.

  1. Trussardi. A fabulous collection, a tribute to the history of the brand and above all the garments that a woman could wear without any problems. For this fashion show autumn winter 2017/18 season he wins over all.
  2. Michael Kors. Very oversized which may or may not, but always chic and perfect lines. He conquered me this time too.
  3. Max Mara. Class, elegance and pure femininity. A collection more than perfect.
  4. Victoria Beckham. Fabulous tailoring garments with the right balance between trends and modernity without sacrificing that classicism that I love. For me it should be a lot more popular with fashion show autumn winter similar to this one.
  5. Luisa Beccaria. Always fabulous dresses that make them dreamy. For true contemporary princesses but never give up on their romantic side.
  6. Carolina Herrera. Bon ton and modern create contrast and marry perfectly alternating to more timeless looks. It has centered on those women who call themselves “an old soul in new times”.
  7. Chloé. Very oversized here but convincing and at the same time hyper-feminine. Tailor-made garments worthy of note.
  8. Ralph Lauren. Eighth place on trust. If I have to be honest it was not a collection that stood out like the previous ones. A little repetitive but nothing to discuss about what’s always wearable and perfect for every good-looking woman who does not need to follow casual tendencies.
  9. Fendi. To date, for me, it is the only brand that can propose the trends in the best way to wear them. Not by chance one of the few times I saw decently dressed Ferragni was wearing this look I picked.
  10. Dior. Finally something worthy of the name of the brand. Finally a return to his historical sartoriality, although I have too many intact passages. We hope to continue so because the latest collections were to be forgotten.


Flop fashion show.

  1. Prada. Sales drop in 2017 and how to not understand why. Ok do show but if you do not propose anything decent over your iconic handbags as you think you will go ahead?
  2. Cristiano Burani. It is only shoes that are immediately exposed to femininity and good taste that inexorably do not even save those few passable looks. Pseudo punk from clochard.
  3. Annakiki. A 1980s recalled developed and interpreted with obvious copious copying of Versace autumn collection 2015.
  4. Stella Jean. The tastes are tasty but the exasperated Mix & Match can not contemplate. All too much forcing and too much. The over-stroke if at last you look like an old man who lives on the mountains coming to town.
  5. Marco de Vincenzo. This parade I did not understand. Call me manga? Western? Bon ton? Prada Inspirations? Thing? A bit of everything’. Follow less hallucinations and more concreteness would perhaps be better.
  6. Louis Vuitton. And nothing, for me, are now lost. But can you put on a long sleeve dress (which seems to be made by the Chinese) with trousers to chivalry? If they continue this way, they will end Prada’s survival by selling only the iconic accessories.
  7. Marni. Yes, then no, then no. And then again, then no, then no. In the end this time also wins the no for the big headache I came to jump from a nice look to something that just does not.
  8. Moschino. She tired. Ok the big show, ok the original themes, ok you are so but you’re exaggerating and becoming a tamaris brand brand. True that they now depopulate everywhere but you are influencing the masses and so do not create a nice look.
  9. Gucci. I’m upset about it, once I save it and then bang it. There is something that has stopped convincing me as a whole. Always the same, all too, too many G, just fine for the good style he had. It’s okay to renew but do not forget the great roots that made us big?
  10. MSGM. Less worse than usual but not. A woman of class, good taste and above all who knows how to dress and valorize, does not wear certain combinations, at least an oversize that can only shape the figure.

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