10 Top & Flop fashion show spring summer 2017

by fashionsnobber

In the blog I like to stay constant talking about the current season to avoid getting confused by suddenly passing from a present trend to one that is still too future as we are seeing now for the next autumn winter 2017/18Spring has just begun and it is now time to draw my usual selection of 10 Top & Flop fashion show spring summer 2017.

N.B. As always I speak from my personal dwelling on the usability of the collection to a more or less normal woman. I do not put some doubt on the professionalism, originality and of any designer talent as we talk about high fashion and are all brands that we would love to have in our closets. But every now and exaggerate it must be said. Whom I have not named it is because I do not hit it very well in it worse.

The 10 Top & Flop from fashion show spring summer 2017


Top fashion show spring summer 2017.

  1. Ralph Lauren. I stay granted because it is my favorite brand but objectively speaking is unquestionable as its collections are always among the most to wear. Also for the fashion show spring summer 2017 it is not denied.
  2. Michael Kors. Chic collection, beautiful colors, and floral. Aside from the shoes with plateau loved every proposal and, wear them all.
  3. Chloé. I only say that perhaps might prefer it to that of Ralph Lauren. And I said it all. Amazing.
  4. Luisa Beccaria. His clothes are always pure magic and a real dream. Sure, it takes the right context because certainly for me in the country are barely usable for example. But hell, never miss a shot.
  5. Chanel. His style is unique and inimitable. Without abandoning its strengths he is able to make them contemporary and synonymous with good taste without stewing as an example Missoni. Standing ovation.
  6. Trussardi. In some he dared to look a lot playing with strong color contrast but the result remains excellent for a wearable collection with your eyes closed.
  7. Fendi. On some transparency I would fault but overall I loved every blouse and proposed mini dress. With bon ton touches I must admit that it is easy to convince.
  8. Vivetta. No, I’m not crazy. I know, it’s weird coming from me, but yes, I liked it. Not all but enough to mention it in the Top. Let’s say it was a pleasant surprise.
  9. Victoria Beckham. To keep an eye for a while and in terms of lines and cuts convince me forever. Often minimal but very chic and attention to detail. I like it.
  10. Gucci. I remain firm on to say that in the reject parade but when I go to the store would buy almost everything. So in fact I would wear collections are always so still end up in the Top without a doubt.


Flop fashion show spring summer 2017.

  1. MSGM. At this brand likes to lose easy. Someone explain to me the meaning of his collections and what we should do a dress from which emerge with laces in sports shorts and shoes beyond any logic of good taste. Somebody help him!
  2. Louis Vuitton.Apart from bags, we spread a pitiful veil over the clothes. Also in the fashion show spring summer 2017 he offers us a collection that is not easy to wear in everyday life. Perfect, perhaps, for a Star Wars episode in the cinema.
  3. Marni. Ok the oversized, ok try and experiment new volumes but so it seems to me excessive. It seems that you are an ice cream melting in the sun. Maybe not.
  4. Antonio Marras. Sad, gloomy, and characterized by a patchwork that seems to be mending a finished fabric. The slippers then I would swallow anyone think that wearing them has good taste.
  5. Prada. Carnival does not last a season, and is well known for his slippers see above. The excesses will also be its characteristic but let’s be serious, if we talk about class here did not see a trace. And it’s a pajamas to sleep?
  6. Dior. They did put his hand to Ferragni by chance? Right to her you can like certain leaders as more undresses and more thought to be well dressed. Salvageable only a black tulle skirt paired with a t-shirt. You do.
  7. Sportmax. I only noticed the details tucked round the beautiful and better where it happens. But why? And those kind of shoes Freddy Fitness dancers? OMG! You know the cry of Munch? Behold, I equals.
  8. Mila Schön. Brand always loved but ultimately does not convince me anymore. In this case I would like to understand why insert effect spats going fishing on a jumpsuit that her beautiful because he could still have it. Mystery.
  9. Fay. It’s very disappointing. A play on proportions given by extremely narrow waist belts of oversized outerwear “ingoffano” and create a disproportionate and unnatural hourglass effect. Unless something but rejected in whole.
  10. Giorgio Armani. You give mad but always I expect great things from King Giorgio. Too gloomy collection, almost monochromatic and did not notice what made him great. Then, in short, the Bermuda shorts with boots do not wear and that pseudo bolero blouse does not know anything.

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