10 Top & Flop fashion show spring summer 2018

by fashionsnobber

We are officially in the spring and after discovering the new colors of the season it’s time for the 10 Top & Flops from the fashion show Spring Summer 2018. I’m talking about it now because in the blog I prefer to stay constant, talking about the current season, to avoid making you confused. passing suddenly from a present tendency to a still too future one.

N.B. As always, I speak for my personal opinion, focusing on the usability of the collection for a more or less normal woman. I certainly do not doubt the professionalism, the originality and the talent of any stylist as we speak of high fashion and are all brands that we would like to have in our closets. But sometimes they overdo it and it must be said. Who I have not named is because I was not particularly struck by either good or bad.

The 10 Top & Flop fashion show spring summer 2018

Top fashion show

Best fashion show spring summer 2018.

  1. Ralph Lauren. I watched the show live on Instagram, I’m not ashamed to say that I was moved because it is my greatest dream to see one of his from life, and for me, even today, is the only global brand capable of creating a ‘ entire collection really wearable and that above all would give good taste, style and elegance to anyone. Chapeau.
  2. Victoria Beckham. I like it more and more, now they are different seasons that conquers me and yes, I love its minimal classicism absolutely impeccable and never out of place. Applause.
  3. Luisa Beccaria. Impossible not to love her, impossible not to dream in front of any of her creations. For me there is always magic, grace and pure femininity.
  4. Les Copains. Very boho chic but definitely classy. I would wear everything as proposed on the catwalk and bow down. Finally I remember why this brand has always been one of my favorites.
  5. Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini. Artistically crafted recalls that I particularly loved in a collection that, although varied, has always maintained a constant guiding thread. Femininity and elegance without vulgarity, nowadays a real rare gem.
  6. Tom Ford. He convinced me, I fell in love with his jackets and I also appreciated the 80s recall of the padded shoulder straps. Did not you expect it from me?
  7. Michael Kors. For this season perhaps not too different from the mass with a few “already seen” suits but it is a real collection as I mean. It is really all affordable and exploitable.
  8. Lacoste. A classic for lovers of the classic that often goes quietly but this season deserves a mention in the top. I would like everything.
  9. Isabel Marant. Modern but without exceeding the absurd with notable and tasteful standard creations. I like it.
  10. Elisabetta Franchi. Recalls from American prairie end of ‘800 that have impressed me positively. Complete perhaps not just wearable as on the catwalk but overall a beautiful parade able to leave something.

Flop fashion show spring summer 2018

Flop dalle sfilate primavera estate 2018 moda donna.

  1. Calvin Klein. Let’s talk about. Why should we go around looking like Rainbow cousins? But then also the bags covered with ste fringes that touch the ground, we have to clean the sidewalks instead of the garbage collectors?
  2. Marc Jacobs. The turbans can be there but everything else I found a jumble of styles, fabrics and patterns with oversize shapeless able to do anything but make a woman worthy of the name. We lost femininity on the street.
  3. Marni. As a matter of fact, Marni and I are right at the antipodes of our idea of ​​fashion. Only on one thing we think the same, for me it has no hope as for him I have no hope.
  4. Kenzo. But even when I’m in a hurry, or drunk, or after taking a blow on the head I would think of tanning me like that. Then, this idea of ​​the top, or worse, the intimate over a tee or what we want to abolish that sucks?
  5. Paco Rabanne. We have now understood that everyone loves metallic in all its forms, evolution and degradation but would have a little stew. Exact, like Missoni with its zigzag lines. Boredom, season after season.
  6. Balenciaga. Too much cofunsion of everything, from lines to stalls I would say. Then ok the mix & match but at least propose it with full knowledge of the facts.
  7. Altuzarra. Something, yes, no, in the end no because I did not understand where he wanted to go. Surely not in my closet.
  8. Dior. Worse, more and more Ferragni inspirations. And if she does not taste, let’s imagine the brand that loves her. I regret to admit it but we really lost it.
  9. Francesco Scognamiglio. It is not a bad collection in toto but if you pull me out of such a thing with attached knee-highs no.
  10. Chanel. When I snore this brand I suffer but I chose objectivity above all else and Chanel flopped at this lap. Paint and plastic with tweed? Monte cane-gate reached France.

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