Instagram recap 2: the best of second year in 10 photos

by fashionsnobber

After seeing the best of the blog’s second year articles, now it’s Instagram’s turn. In this Instagram recap 2 we will discover the photo that is liked the most and to follow the Top Ten of the 10 images with the most likes. Or of hearts, which makes it more romantic.

Instagram recap 2: the two most popular picture

In the Instagram recap 2 of this year, two photos that boh were decreed on an equal footing. To my taste I prefer others but the followers do not contradict them for sure and so be it. Among all the most loved was that of Gucci sneakers with hearts. It is well known that big brands bring more consensus so I am not surprised at all. The second one instead portrays me beautiful spaparanzata in shoreline last summer with a straw hat Ralph Lauren. I do not disdain it but in my opinion I prefer others. What can I say, you can see that the relaxation of others makes an audience.

Instagram recap 2: best photos.

Best of second year in 10 photos

In order of the largest number of likes to follow from the first two. Where they are double is because today there is an equal merit of like.
In this Instagram 2 recap it surely emerges how much I love taking more flat lay, minimal and no filter photos. After all, you know by now, I’m not the type who shoots 1000 selfies a day or focuses on his image. On the contrary, I tend to struggle and, between us, the blog and social life also serve me to treat a little of my excessive protection towards a privacy that is not having to hide who knows what. I am a very normal person with an equally normal life. Let’s say that it could only be made interesting if Maria De Filippi read it in her own way during Cèè Posta per Te.
In conclusion, it should be added that they all fall more or less in the same time frame. After the latest updates to the Instagram algorithm, I no longer appear on many home pages, as I also find myself for the first photos from 10 days ago and I have to look for many profiles to see if they have published. A very good rip off and definitely not correct.

Top Ten Instagram

Instagram recap 2: best flat lay pic.

.Trying to ignore the gray of the sky. Go Luna go!

Best Instagram photos by Fashion Snobber.

.Me and a cherry smoothie. What else?

Best Instagram photos by Fashion Snobber.

.The sin lasts a moment, but the hell of it never ends.

Best Instagram photos by Fashion Snobber.

.Chanel nail polish obsession.

Best Instagram photos by Fashion Snobber.

Selfies who can! & Off the shoulder mania!

Best Instagram photos by Fashion Snobber.

. When a gift wins you over.

Sailor moon details.

. Today I choose to be a superhero.

Best Instagram photos by Fashion Snobber.

Sapaf Atelier bags are a woman’s new jewelry.

Alentejo, Portogallo.

. It is not possible to turn your back on the ocean. Hello Portugal.

Instagram recap 2: top ten best photos.

10°. Details today. Gladiator sandals and denim off the shoulder dress.

If you still don’t follow me on Instagram, the worse for you because if you don’t do it from now on all your photos will be ugly. ;P

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