Instagram recap 3, all the best of the third year

by fashionsnobber

After seeing all the best of the third year of the blog, the moment of the inevitable Instagram recap 3 has arrived. The photo you liked most in the last 365 days and to follow the Top Ten of the 10 photos with the most likes. Or hearts, for those who want to be more romantic.

Instagram recap 3, the most popular photo in the third year of Fashion Snobber

This year’s absolute winner is a flat lay photo all pink. A bouquet of roses, my hand that takes coffee and an ivy leaf ceramic tray made by my mother. Yes, for those who do not know, my mother also takes care of this. In my family women are artists in the blood, there is little to do.

Pink Flat Lay Instagram photo.Sundays of August and desire for #pink. ?☕#Goodmorning.

Instagram recap 3, the best of the third year in 10 photos

And here we are at the Top Ten real. To date, in order from the greatest number of likes after the winner we have seen above, there is only one equal merit for position no. 5. For the rest I would say that the ranking is very clear. Glimpses of landscapes, flowers and selfies master despite I expected more success for flat lay photos. As usual my favorites were others but it is the people of the web that dictate the law. What do you say, do you agree? Do they fall into your favorite pictures or do you remember others that you liked the most? :*

Top Ten Instagram

Red roses bouquet.

. #RoseRosesForYou, I bought tonight…??
One? for each year together… ❤1⃣0⃣❤
Ok, June is the month of our anniversaries but husband what will you have to forgive this time???

Flat Lay Instagram photo.

Each image tells a story and printing them helps us not to forget them on a monitor.?

Recap Instagram 3 roses photo.

. ?|???? ?? ??? ???|?

Instagram recap 3 snow mountain landscape.

A beautiful glimpses of mountain landscapes. ??

Recap Instagram 3 selfie and flat lay photos.

5°a. As they say…
Everything is fine, nothing is in order, but “Hooray!” the same.✌?

5°b. #Goodnight rebel little girls and extraordinary women! ?
But yes, you boys too.?

Instagram recap 3 Fashion Snobber winter selfie.

Newellina, fruitellina, sexyllina, beautyllina, softellina… ? ?
I do not know why this selfie reminded me of the Labellino spot…
Forgive me, must be the after-effects of the flu
. ?

Pink balloons Instagram photo.

Three years of #FashionSnobber. Three years of #blog, three years of a part of me donated to the web. Today I just want to celebrate it and wish him at least a piece of all the best there is and that there will be. Happy #birthdayblog to me, to you, to us and thanks to you for being there and still believe it with me.???‍??

Cosplay Sailor Moon Instagram photo.

And this day is over too. Let’s undress our best masks and relax. Infuse even the greatest superheroes have the right to rest every now and then. Or at least, until the next enemy. ?

Instagram recap 3 spring summer outfit blue dress.

An #outfit style #bonton to feel a little diva of other times.

Sea landscape Instagram photo.

10°We should all be able to have a sea-view life. Especially on Monday. ? #goodmorning.

Ps. Obviously if you do not want to miss it, you are not free to follow me on Instagram. Give me a nod or I will exchange for bots without considering you and I will gladly return.

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