Instagram recap 4: all the best fourth year

by fashionsnobber

And here we are at the appointment with the Instagram recap 4. All the best of the fourth year of Fashion Snobber with the 10 most loved photos on the social network that is currently in vogue. The absolute winner? Let’s find out before now…

Most popular photo in Fashion Snobber’s fourth year

To date, this year’s favorite photo has been a self-portrait, or rather, a selfie in which I wear an ironic t-shirt about influencers. Could it have been the pink hair? I almost don’t take them off anymore. ;P

Recap Instagram 4, la foto più amata è una t-shirt sugli influencer - Instagram recap 4, the most loved photo is an influencer t-shirt.

That time I dressed as an influencer. ?
1. Blogger with lots of #friends, often #foodaddict at the limit of #foodporn, can’t resist #picoftheday because life is all a #like.
2. Who knows better than you what you like, like it or not.

Instagram recap 4: the best of the fourth year in 10 photos

The Top Ten, for how much I prefer minimal and flat lay shots, practically gave me against. Only 3 photos were particularly appreciated for my photographic style while all the others had me as the protagonist. You know how much I don’t like to show off too much but I have to admit that perhaps the public prefers it. Let’s say that from now on I will improve my photos from above and worsen those that portray me. Sooner or later I will have a recap with which I agree? We’ll find out just by posting.

Instagram Top Ten

Recap Instagram 4, una delle foto più amate è un tramonto - Instagram recap 4, one of the most loved photos is a sunset.

.  A perfect winter sunset.

Il libro delle risposte - The book of answers.

The book of answers.
Why instill those who have no questions in life?

Happy Valentine's Day.

“We fall in love with those who are capable of keeping up with us, of those who do not give in, of those who challenge us, of those who are mysteriously fascinating, of those who are capable of destroying us, of those who are our worthy adversary, the one with whom we are equal for tastes and thoughts. We fall in love with the impossible because we are made this way. Basically, we fall in love with those who resemble us but do not have all our faults. Or have them, but make them perfect.” ❤️

Blow the snow.

. ❄️Let it snow!❄️

Pausa caffè del lunedì.

Coffee break?
Of Mondays they are never enough. ☕️☕️

Casual chic outfit ripped jeans, red blazer, animalier bag.

On the blog you will find an easy idea #outfit that each of us can reinterpret in everyday life. Such as? Thanks to those few but essential basic items. The only password is the strictly animalier accessory, like this Tote Bag by Sapaf Atelier.

Animalier scarf.

When you use your animalier, your ears will pop out… #Roar!

Corpse Bride costume Halloween.

. ~HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!~

Animalier dress outfit.

Last appointment to discover the animalier bag collection of the all-Italian brand Sapaf Atelier. In this round I dared, exaggerated and played so much with the trend most in vogue and discussed at the moment to make me a new four-legged friend… Would you like to find out?

Instagram recap 4: social best pic.

10°The journey continues to discover one of the wildest trends of the season along with the #luxurybag of #SapafAtelier. Two outfit ideas designed for the #shoulderbag and the animalier bag made in Italy.

And with this Instagram recap 4 we’re done. If you want to follow me on the most fashionable social network, you know where to find me, just give a nod and I will gladly reciprocate.

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